What to Write…

So February has proven to be one of those months with much going on, and yet I’ve neglected to write here.

Mostly because I find myself wondering what to write about. I feel that my recent formatting has been quite boring; Did this, did that, look a picture, didn’t do that, went there, hooray for us!

I’m interested in writing something, but I don’t yet know what. And I don’t want to bore you folks to tears with it.

So here I am, hashing over what, precisely, it is I should write about. And how to go about writing about it.

If you ask my (mostly single / without kids) friends, I tend not to talk much about the kids or home life unless they ask, simply because I don’t feel the need to bore them with it. But somehow that’s all I seem to be doing here.

I don’t want to just blind-side the readers I do have by suddenly starting to post things that seem to be out of the blue, so let this post serve as a warning. Things may get a little weird around here sometimes.

But still… what to write about…

Current events are always a ‘hot’ thing, but who really needs another (probably wholly uneducated) opinion about it. Besides, when I feel strongly about something I’ll probably write (as I have in the past), but in general, I choose to keep my mouth shut in the public forum just because the internet is a bad place to voice opinion for all the anonymous crap you get back.

I have thought about making a certain day every week a day for posts, but I have never been very good at forcing my writing (mostly because then it’s just junk), so I probably won’t do that. (Although I may start making myself write privately more, just to try to get into the swing of regularly sitting down and writing, and who knows, maybe that will make it into the blog sometimes.

I will probably try to keep writing more on the witch perspective, just because that is important to me, and I enjoy telling others how it works for me (because I seem to get a lot of questions about it from my “muggle” friends).

I may start writing some about my favorite hobbies, or books, or art, or food, or even my dreams (which are crazy sometimes)… There are many things outside of my “mundane” daily life I do love, and I think I’d like to share my passion with others. Maybe this will be a reason for me to kick-start some more “recreational” time in my life.

They might be short pieces “Hey look at this picture I took, isn’t it rad?!” (Yes, I just used the word “rad” – can you guess when I grew up?)

They might be long, or multi-post pieces (I actually have one of these on the back burner right now).

Don’t worry, I’ll still occasionally write update on the family. They are, after all, a bedrock part of my life, and I would be remiss to try to leave them out of this entirely. (By the way, we’re all doing just fine this month.) However, I don’t think I want that to become the sole focus of this blog.

So I’m going to try to branch out a bit. Hopefully it will be a good thing. But you may have to bear with me through some amateur writing until I figure it all out. I appreciate your sticking around. And please, let me know in the comments or through email what you like and don’t like! I don’t want to drive you all away (as few of you as there may actually be)!

In the mean time…

Today we have some deer bedding down in the snowy woods behind our house; how cool! (I love wildlife in my back yard!)The doe in our woods.

P.S. Feel free to comment or email me with your opinions or ideas! I would love to hear what you’d like to see me write about if you’ve got something floating around in your head for me!

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