What a Month! (Plus!)

So this is the season of the delayed blog posts, apparently.

So much has been going on around here! I’m sure it’s too much to squeeze into one post, but I’m gonna try. For continuity’s sake, I’m just going to go in chronological order.

Just after my last post (about Meat Loaf!), the day after, in fact, Bug graduated to a toddler bed! He did really well, and even stayed in bed rather than wandering around his room at bed time! (Well, he did that first few weeks, anyway…)

We even got a bit of a giggle one night about a week after he started using his new bed. After retiring myself for the evening, I heard a loud “THUMP” come from his room. I waited a second for the following cry, but it never happened. Fairly certain I knew what had happened, I went over to his room and quietly opened the door. Sure enough, there he was, lying on the floor next to his bed. Fast asleep! I couldn’t believe it! I guess it just goes to show how deep a sleeper he is!Bug fell out of bed - and didn't even wake up.

The following weekend found us back home in PA. I drove the boys up for the day so we could visit my old college, and more specifically, the group I went to the Philippines with on a service trip in 2008. We had a good visit (with delicious pancit and lumpia – two dishes that you need to try if you haven’t yet!), and really enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones from other groups that went.Visiting family and friends in the fall!

After the reunion, we met up with my grandmother and her husband at Red Robin to have some lunch (of course the boys wouldn’t touch the Filipino fare). After lunch, we headed up to a well-known area pumpkin patch, where we met with my very best friend Jason to pick out pumpkins! The boys had their first hay ride, and despite a drizzly day, we had a really good time. We drove home that evening.

New "big-boy" beds!!The next few days we spent on shopping and laundry, followed by the next big development for the boys: new big-boy beds!

I had both the beds (which are convertible to bunk beds for the future) put up in Monster’s room. They’ll probably be sharing a room after our next move, so I want them to get used to it now, rather than be forced into a new thing in the middle of an already very big new thing! For the time being (and it may not be too much longer now), Bug is still in his own room.

Monster is really loving his new bed, though! He adapted very quickly, and really had no issues.

The following few days were a whirlwind of costume making, more laundry-doing (the boys transitioned up a clothing size this month, too!), and preparations for the trip to Florida that my husband and I were going on the following week!

I whipped up the boys costumes pretty quickly. (From scratch, too! – Let me brag a little, my first costumes from scratch came out pretty darn good, if you ask me!) Monster had requested spider costumes for the both of them, so I obliged! I made them tops with legs attached and masks. Bug wore his mask a grand total of about twenty seconds, but I think they enjoyed the costumes in general!Spiders!

LT was away this whole time, and his flight home landed pretty much the night before we were going to leave for our trip. I had everything prepared for my grandmother and LT’s mom to come and watch the boys for us while we were gone. My Gram arrived the day before we left, and we were able to walk her through the boys’ routine once. My mother-in-law arrived mid-week while we were gone, and Gram was able to hand the reigns over to her without any issues. They both did a phenomenal job watching the boys, and had lots of fun with them, too.

The hubs and I flew to Florida on the Friday before Halloween, we met with my aunt and uncle at our time share (we had planned a trip together!). And that evening we dined at the Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney (one of our favorites).

After dinner, LT and I went over to Disney’s Boardwalk to meet up with one of my girlfriends and her boyfriend, who were just finishing up their vacation! We strolled the Boardwalk and chatted before turning in for the evening.

Florida Vacation with Row's Aunt & Uncle.Then we spent the following week in the Disney and Universal parks, spending time with my aunt and uncle, as well as time on our own. We enjoyed the food & wine festival at Epcot, I got some new (villainous) mouse ears, and we even got to dine at the “Be Our Guest Restaurant” (which we didn’t think was going to happen)! We had an exceptionally good vacation, and were incredibly happy to share it with the couple that got us together (my aunt and uncle introduced me to my husband)!

When we got back we had a few days to spend with LT’s mom and the boys before she left and LT got back to work. We had a good time, visiting a local farm/park and just chilling out around the house.Swinging!

The following weekend, LT and I had a date day (planned so soon because of an event), dropping the boys off at the babysitter’s place and heading just north of Baltimore. There, I donned my wings and we walked about a Faeriecon, browsing art and many hand-crafted goods, before we headed for dinner at one of our family friend’s favorite spots (where they serve U-4 shrimp – that’s 4 shrimp per pound, people, huge!).

Smarty-pants!This past Wednesday, Monster had a little appointment with a child psychologist, who confirmed that we have a smart little cookie on our hands. (We probably didn’t need that appointment to tell us that, but sometimes you wonder if you’re just going insane, you know?)

And then the next evening, I got to meet up with a girlfriend of mine from college at the Kennedy Center to see a really strange (and beautifully danced) version of “Sleeping Beauty”!

Following which, Monster earned his new belt in his Tae Kwon Do class, and we all got sick. (The crash from the insanity.)

After such a busy few weeks, it’s clear that settling back into routine has taken quite a bit longer than I’d hoped. So now I figure I’ll just be putting off real effort at that for one more week because NEXT WEEK IS THANKSGIVING!!!!

Where did November go?!

Regardless of the fact that I seem to have missed an entire month this fall (or, more appropriately, flew right over it!), and despite the fact that I’m still a little sick, I must say, I’m feeling pretty good. 

This has definitely been a month (plus!) to be thankful for.

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