What an eventful week!

I have to say, it’s been a pretty good week.

My youngest son, Bug, and I drove up to PA last Wednesday. There, we stayed with my grandmother and her husband. It’s always good to see them, considering how little we do get to see them!

SU's Sondheim Program CoverThat evening, I attended, with friends I also rarely get to see, “An Evening with Stephen Sondheim”. My old theatre professor interviewed The Man himself!

It was a fantastic hour-and-a-half, where he talked about gaining the tutelage of Oscar Hammerstein II in his teen years, developing his writing style, working with various artists in the theatre world, and inspiring us, the audience, all the while.

What an amazing opportunity, and what an amazing evening. I am exceedingly happy that I had a chance to be in the very same room (albeit a very large room) with one of the greatest artists of all time while he spoke to us and gave us a peek into his journey. Just. Wow.

The next day, Bug and I got to see some of my very best friends, the professor that had done the interview with Sondheim, my sister and one of my nieces, and spend some time with my grandmother and her husband.

The evening was capped off by a good few hours of wing night, drinks, and good music played on vinyl with one of my very closest and best friends.

I was blessed for two such great days to see my family and friends.

Meanwhile, Bug is trying to use words more and more, he’s singing along to favorite songs, and signing away like a mad man. We’re still gonna take him to the specialist next week (I’ll let you know how that goes), but I’m really not too concerned about him at this point.

But that isn’t even all of it.

While Bug and I were away, the hubs stayed at home with our eldest, Monster. On a mission I mentioned a few weeks ago here.

The outcome?


I have to admit to being a little bit miffed when I found out that Monster peed on the potty within two hours of my having left home. How does the hubs get it so easy?! Seriously? But I digress.

Monster's Mohawk
The Mohawk Kid. Growing up fast!

The point is, my son, whom I had almost resigned to watching go to college in diapers, has finally learned to use the potty.

He’s even gone to daycare and his gym class and used it successfully!

He’s been accident free during the daytimes, which is awesome, considering that we’ve been doing the potty thing less than a week now. He’s even been able to do the dreaded #2 on the potty (although, understandably,  that’s a little more of a struggle for him), which is huge!

I’m super relieved.

I’m über-proud of my kiddo.

I’m SO happy – I can actually see the time of diapers in our lives ticking down; there’s actually an end in sight after all!!! (Just one more kid to go!)

So that was my week! It seems like not a whole lot when I look at it written down, but it’s pretty huge in my book!!

Anything good happening for you lately?

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  1. Deven Rue
    | Reply

    You know, the reason your hubs has it easier than you is because he’s a boy. Children may not understand gender but they identify with the familiar. Their father is like them in physical aspects that they can easily identify with thus his application of things are easier for them to mimic. My mother, who had four boys, dealt with the same issues as you. Her utter frustration over the boys practically ignoring her and listening constantly to our father (even though he was barely one) drove her insane. Until I came along. Without any encouragement, I followed her every lead and acted as if my father was alien (little did we know that would be my mode for the rest of my life, lol). It’s interesting to discover that a child of any age may not realize they are gender identifying but they are. So, that might be a reason.

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      You’re probably right, Deven. It’s not the first time someone’s suggested the masculine gene for being to blame.

      But, as you said, it’s oh, so frustrating. I neglected to write about how Monster is growing in attitude as well in this post. (Trying to keep it positive.) I sincerely hope that he reaches an age (sometime relatively soon) that will allow him to calibrate his hearing to acknowledge my voice a little bit more. We shall see. 🙂

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