This Witch’s Midsummer

Ahh, the Summer Solstice has caught me just as lax in my actions as the last few weeks have.

To tell the truth, I really didn’t do much for this holiday. Having just returned from visiting my aunt in Virginia Thursday, and with my youngest’s new Speech-Language-Pathologist / Occupational Therapy appointment yesterday, I really just felt like trying to relax a bit.

In the morning and evenings I did stand at my alter for a few moments to recognize the holiday and say a few words in honor of it.

But that’s not the only thing I did to sort of harness the energy of the holiday. I also began getting some parts of my new ritual dress sewn! I’m actually kind of proud of this, considering it’s my first big undertaking with a sewing machine since Home-Ec class in fifth or sixth grade.

So, that has sort of been my project right at this magickal moment. I’ll post photos of the dress when I have it completed, but for now, here’s a sneak preview:Row's ritual dress.

Sometimes holidays don’t have to be a huge deal, right? I mean there are eight of them on the calendar, so I think that would be quite exhausting. Maybe next year we’ll be able to put a little more emphasis on Litha. 

For now, I’m happy to be absorbing the sun and thankful for the energy it has been providing us.

Happy Midsummer, everyone! I do hope that the peak of light in your days has proven to be more than just sunlight!

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