Think About Life… About You and the Universe

Two nights ago, as I watched Venus transit the Sun, I was thankful for the technology to allow me to do so. And (not so surprisingly) it started me thinking…

How amazing is it that we can see this, and we can understand what’s going on? How amazing is it that people hundreds of years ago saw it, and used it to figure out how some of our universe works? How crazy to know that not even my children will see this again in their own lifetimes. 

Something that spanned seven hours of one day in my lifetime (two, if you count the transit eight years ago) made me think hundreds of years into the past and one hundred and five years into the future. What an amazing event to have so much influence over thought and knowledge. 

There are so many big questions brought on by this type of event – virtually none of which can be answered. I’m certain there’s a slew of new philosophers out there due to the Venus transit. It definitely caused me to find that place of deep questions within myself. 

How fleeting is time?…

And yet, we feel as though the “daily grind” has us all slogging through, weighted down as though we’re walking upstream through a river of molasses. Our lives are epic journeys we each travel with varying degrees of awareness, but as part of the big picture, they’re pretty insignificant specks. Even the image of tiny Venus against the gargantuan Sun reflects a sort of triviality…

photo © NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr

But if we look at it like that, it’s fairly certain that we won’t ever experience anything that makes it worth actually living a life. Because it is those among us that don’t take for granted their part in the big picture that have changed our collective lives in a big way. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to so easily watch that event two nights past. 

So, what’s my point? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s to encourage you to ask big questions of yourself, maybe it’s an attempt to realize where my own thread leads in the tapestry of history, maybe I’m just trying to justify my role in our lives right now, where it is. But wherever this entry leads you, I hope it is to thought.

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    Yes, it was beautiful!

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