The “No” Mom and Other Life Updates

We knew it would come. It’s such a cliché, and hardly limited, as the name implies. However, it is upon us. The “terrible twos”. Here, at almost three years old (one month to go!), Monster has figured out that he is his own independent person, and therefore can do as he pleases. Except that he can’t – because the rules don’t just disappear when you figure out your independence. 

He answers almost every request with a defiant “No!”, and screams bloody murder when he doesn’t get his way (god forbid you actually give him a time-out). And to make it even better, he’s begun to talk back. The other day, when I was reprimanding him for doing something he shouldn’t, he turned to me and said (rather forcefully) “Stop saying ‘no’, mommy!”.

It has come to that. Much to my chagrin, I have become the ‘No’ mom. Between tackling (and pushing, and laying on) his brother, bringing toys into the kitchen, and never listening to me in general, about the only thing I’ve been able to say to him lately is ‘no’. And I don’t like it. 

I realize that this is a stage, and something that most parents go through at some point. It doesn’t help that he tends to listen to his father about 85% of the time, which is far more than he listens to me (which is closer to never). There’s nothing we really do differently – there’s no real reason for it. Still, it persists.

It’s a phase, and it will pass. It’s a phase, and it will pass. This has become my mantra. And so, with a sigh, I’ll truck on.

The weekend after we came home from New York, I ended up spending the night in the hospital. I’d gone in to the emergency room due to a pain I was having in my stomach (I’d thought, anyway). The emergency room was my only choice, because there’s no appointments on Sundays, and you don’t have the option to call an on-call doctor or nurse with a question.

So, I went to the emergency room. Long story short, they couldn’t tell for sure if it was my appendix by a quick examination of a CT scan (I was there all day at this point), so they opted to ship me, via ambulance, to another military hospital with an available surgeon just in case.

They monitored me over night, and by morning, I didn’t think I’d had any more pains for a while (I couldn’t tell if it was just because I was starving, though). They decided that it must not be bad enough to warrant further looking into, and let me go, telling me to follow up with my doctor in a week.

Well, of course it was two weeks before I could see her, so I went then. She pushed around my abdominals a bit, and we found that I’m still a bit tender in that area. So she ordered some blood work, to check on my white blood cell count, and a pelvic ultrasound, to take a bit of a look. I guess they found an ovarian cyst on the CT scan after further examination, but still can’t limit the tenderness to just that.

So, I go for my ultrasound at the end of next week. Until then, I just make sure to get to the emergency room if I feel any more pains. I’m convince that if the tenderness doesn’t go away in the next few weeks or months, I’ll be getting my appendix out by the end of the summer. Just in case. Another sigh worthy moment.

On the up-side of life at the moment though, Bug has begun eating bread that’s been broken into small pieces, as well as those puffs you can buy for small children, and we’ve managed to get the boys to sleep in the same room over night without issues. Hopefully they’ll continue to do the same in a strange environment, because next week is our Disney cruise!

I’m convinced Bug can walk if he wants, but he refuses to let go of the furniture and walls. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he could walk on the ship? I guess we’ll see.

So, that’s about the extent of life at the moment. I will be sure to update after we get back from the cruise to let you know how it all goes! 

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