The Make-Up Anniversary

This past Wednesday was Lughnasadh, as you probably know because of my previous post. It has always been one of my favorite holidays on the wheel of the year, but it is now also special to me for a  different reason. August 1st is also the date of our wedding anniversary.

So, last Wednesday found my husband and I had our fourth anniversary of marriage. I was delighted to know that for the very first time since we were married, he would be home to celebrate with me.

Just a month before our first anniversary, my husband was sent out on a six month deployment. I’d just had a baby three and a half months earlier, and found myself alone three thousand miles from my family. I gathered the few friends I’d managed to find in the year since I’d moved to California, and we had a small Lughnasadh gathering that day, to try to keep my mind from the fact that I was missing my husband so sorely. I am forever grateful to those friends for coming to my home for Lughnasadh that day.

On our second anniversary, he was once again deployed. I’d found out I was pregnant with our second child just after he left in May, just as I finished my theatre degree. In July I’d started a new part-time job at a nearby bank. I don’t remember much in particular about our anniversary that year, so it must have passed fairly unnoticed.

Last year, on our third anniversary, he was shipped off once again by his job, just for the week of our anniversary. We had just moved into our current home here on the east coast the week before, and were still barely getting unpacked. My good friend Jet joined me and the boys to help with some painting and unpacking that week. 

Needless to say, as a newlywed (I’m sure we’re still considered such by many – especially considering the amount of time my husband has been away), I was a little disappointed with each passing anniversary that he was missing.

This year was (finally) different, though. Happily, we realized that for the first time since our marriage in 2008, he would be home to celebrate with me. And he more than made up for being missing in the previous three years.

First, on the day of our anniversary, he brought home with him a large bouquet of roses. That evening we hired a babysitter and went to dinner at 1789, a rather fancy place in Georgetown here in D.C. The restaurant knew it was our anniversary, and seemed to cater especially to us that evening, making the night very special. We enjoyed a five-course tasting menu (which was, of course, delicious), some champagne to kick it all off, and a different wine with each dish. The meal lasted a little more than two hours, and we had a lot of time to chat during it all. It was indeed a lovely evening.

When the weekend came, we drove up to Pennsylvania, where we dropped the boys off at my grandmother’s house (she’d agreed to watch them for the weekend), and headed to a little place called Ghezzi’s for dinner. I’d never been to Ghezzi’s before, despite growing up and living nearby for twenty-four years of my life. It was always the “grown-up” place to go, and so I was never taken as a child. As an adult, I guess I just never really got the opportunity to go. LT, having heard me talk about it every time we drove by when visiting PA, decided that it was time to try it out. Dinner was quite good there, and they did live up the expectations I’d had from growing up in the area, knowing it was a “grown-up” place. 

That evening we drove down to a place just outside of  Mount Hope, Pennsylvania. We stayed in a hotel there, and the next morning prepared ourselves for a full day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. The Ren Faire is probably my favorite festival to go to, and LT had never been there. Of course, I wore a costume (and by the end of the day had found that LT is willing to dress in a Kilt in the future!). We got there before the gates opened and picked up our tickets. We stayed all day from the gates opening to the “Finale in Song”. A good friend of mine from college is working there now as an actress in the cast, so we got to see her, which was awesome. I bought a new corset, and we just generally enjoyed our day walking around and seeing the various shows and visiting the different vendors. It was a hot day, but luckily the sun stayed behind the clouds for most of it, and we even got a bit of cooling rain. What a great day!

But that wasn’t the end of our anniversary weekend celebration. The next day, LT had reserved spots for us to go white water rafting in eastern PA. Being first-timers, we found that we were fairly good at it, and we really enjoyed it! Our trip was thirteen miles down the Lehigh river, with a quick stop in the pouring rain for lunch at the half-way point. We were placed in a raft with a family of three (a mother, father and young son), and we managed to make it the whole way working together, with only a few small snags on rocks here and there. It was a fun new experience, and we’re fairly certain we’ll do it again.

The final stop on our trip was to grab some dinner with our friend Jason. We enjoyed some coal-fired pizza and good conversation with a friend we see entirely too little. 

After that, we picked up the boys at my grandmother’s house, and with many thanks to them, got back on the road and made the long trip home. It was late when we got in last night, and the boys were super tired. We all crashed as soon as we were home. 

A long, but fantastic weekend. One that definitely made up for our missing anniversary celebrations past. Now it’s back to the usual swing, until the next great adventure. 
Anniversary Roses

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    It was awesome to see you, too, love! 🙂 I’m glad that you had fun. 🙂 🙂

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