The Light Within

A few years ago, I held a small circle at my home, inviting friends that were not necessarily followers of the Craft to participate, encouraging them to learn what exactly it is that we do in ritual by doing it with us.

It was an Imbolc circle. We lit many candles around the altar, welcoming the sun’s warmth with their fire. We honored the triple aspects of the goddess Brigid (say “Bree”).

We had a really fantastic time together, and my friends were happy and thankful to have participated. They may have even learned something new and interesting that day.

Imbolc has always held a special spot for me. I don’t really know why. I somehow feel a special kinship with the goddess Brigid. I seem to feel the warmth of her fire deep inside myself during this holiday. Perhaps in a past life I lived in Ireland, close to or even in Kildare, where Brigid’s sacred flame was kept. Who knows?

This year I’m going to make this holiday about me. I’ve spent a lot of time this winter feeling as though I’m in a rut. (My husband even said to me the other day “It’s like groundhog day for you every day here, isn’t it?”)

I need to try to turn it around, so as Imbolc dictates, it’s time to do some “spring cleaning”. Only, most of my cleaning will be the spiritual type. (Although admittedly, the hubs told me that this weekend would be a house-cleaning weekend, too. That helps. 😉 )

My ritual this year will be a simple re-dedication ceremony, renewing my commitment to my magickal self. It’s been slow going getting back into the groove, and while it is going, it’s a bit rusty.

I’ll take a good, cleansing, bath. I’ll do some meditation. I’ll cast a circle and do my re-dedication. I’ll spend some time trying to communicate with Brigid while the circle is cast, maybe I’ll use my tarot cards.

Once all that is done, possibly I’ll do some real spring cleaning around some of my more cluttered spaces in the house, too. Try to get my slate nice and clean for the coming days.

During all of this, I’ll try to remember, and to understand, that the season now is all about growth and renewal. Movement toward the warmth of spring and summer. The growth of light in our days and within ourselves.

It is that light, that warmth within myself, that I need to hold onto and allow to guide me into the fullness of spring.

That’s my goal this Imbolc. What’s yours?

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