Creating Yuletide Traditions

Blessed Yuletide, friends! I do hope that today’s post finds you warm and happy, surrounded by those you hold closest to your hearts. The season has continued on it’s hectic way since my last post, and we have been bustling along our merry way. This year, it is my mission … Read More

Our Harvest Season

The last month (Wow, have I really not posted in that long? Sorry!) has proven to move along like the weeks before it. There’s been quite a lot going on around here! These last few weeks have included project work, a friend’s wedding, lots of around-the-house work, getting sick, and … Read More

Yule and New Beginnings

The end is nigh!!! … Or so some would have you think. Not so much this girl. I do think there is a shift occurring, and perhaps tomorrow’s date marks its mid-point (or some point in that shift). But I think, at any rate, it’s already started. You see, the … Read More

My Samhain Celebration

This year my goal is to write a more personal entry for each of the eight holidays on the Wheel of the Year. In these entries I plan to write about how I will be celebrating (or have celebrated) the holiday both as a solitary practitioner, and with my family. … Read More

Ostara: Fertility Abounds

I bet these colored eggs are familiar to you. I’m quite certain that they would be familiar to just about anyone in our western society, if not everyone. For most, these eggs are associated with the Christian holiday of Easter and are thus called “Easter Eggs”. Have you ever wondered … Read More

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