Our Crazy Life

Wow! There is SO MUCH going on around here these days!! First off, let me start with a big congratulations to my husband! This past week he took (his very first – despite having gone through high school and undergrad) graduation walk to receive his Masters in Business Administration from … Read More

What a Month! (Plus!)

So this is the season of the delayed blog posts, apparently. So much has been going on around here! I’m sure it’s too much to squeeze into one post, but I’m gonna try. For continuity’s sake, I’m just going to go in chronological order. Just after my last post (about … Read More


What an eventful week! I have to say, it’s been a pretty good week. My youngest son, Bug, and I drove up to PA last Wednesday. There, we stayed with my grandmother and her husband. It’s always good to see them, considering how little we do get to see them! … Read More

A Birthday to Remember

Wow. Life certainly has its own way of surprising you! This past week has been a crazy, beautiful, fun, ecstatically wonderful week (minus a slightly unnecessary over-night hospital stay – which I will cover in another post due to the already crazy length of this one). Having said that, I … Read More

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