This Witch’s Midsummer

Ahh, the Summer Solstice has caught me just as lax in my actions as the last few weeks have. To tell the truth, I really didn’t do much for this holiday. Having just returned from visiting my aunt in Virginia Thursday, and with my youngest’s new Speech-Language-Pathologist / Occupational Therapy … Read More

The Light Within

A few years ago, I held a small circle at my home, inviting friends that were not necessarily followers of the Craft to participate, encouraging them to learn what exactly it is that we do in ritual by doing it with us. It was an Imbolc circle. We lit many … Read More

Yule and New Beginnings

The end is nigh!!! … Or so some would have you think. Not so much this girl. I do think there is a shift occurring, and perhaps tomorrow’s date marks its mid-point (or some point in that shift). But I think, at any rate, it’s already started. You see, the … Read More

Litha: The Magick of Midsummer

We have moved around the wheel to the day where the sun rises high into the sky, reigning supreme. There is perhaps no symbol as powerful as this sun on this, the longest day of the year. And yet, at the same time, we know that this day also marks … Read More

Think About Life… About You and the Universe

Two nights ago, as I watched Venus transit the Sun, I was thankful for the technology to allow me to do so. And (not so surprisingly) it started me thinking… How amazing is it that we can see this, and we can understand what’s going on? How amazing is it … Read More

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