Keeping an Active Spirituality

Today I’m going to start what I’ll call “Witchy Wednesday” – marking a day (maybe not every week) where I can explore what’s going on in my spiritual life, and maybe even share things that I find from other places that might inspire me into some action or reflection. I’d like … Read More


I’ve got magick on my mind this morning. It has occurred to me lately that I have been lacking in posts of a ‘witchy’ nature here; part of the whole reason I began this blog. If you’ve been reading in hopes of these types of posts, I apologize for the … Read More

A Quiet Ostara

The equinox is upon us. It’s no surprise I love this holiday (because lets face it, growing up dyeing and finding Easter eggs and eating loads of bunny-shaped chocolate kind of engrains it into your brain as an awesome holiday – even if it was somehow celebrated that way for … Read More

The Light Within

A few years ago, I held a small circle at my home, inviting friends that were not necessarily followers of the Craft to participate, encouraging them to learn what exactly it is that we do in ritual by doing it with us. It was an Imbolc circle. We lit many … Read More

Creating a Sacred Space

As promised, here is my Yule-tide Craft room transformation post. This past Friday was the Winter Solstice. The day of longest dark and shortest light. I told you that I had a room in my home, just off of my bedroom, that was just crying out to be transformed. It’s … Read More

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