I’ve got magick on my mind this morning. It has occurred to me lately that I have been lacking in posts of a ‘witchy’ nature here; part of the whole reason I began this blog. If you’ve been reading in hopes of these types of posts, I apologize for the … Read More

A Faerie-Filled Lughnasadh

Faeries and friends. That is how I celebrated my Lughnasadh this year. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have the chance to see some friends I’d said “goodbye” to when we left California, whilst we pranced and danced among other faerie kind. I flew to Oregon for the … Read More

This Witch’s Midsummer

Ahh, the Summer Solstice has caught me just as lax in my actions as the last few weeks have. To tell the truth, I really didn’t do much for this holiday. Having just returned from visiting my aunt in Virginia Thursday, and with my youngest’s new Speech-Language-Pathologist / Occupational Therapy … Read More

Dance Into Summer

What a week already! I can hardly believe today is Beltane! (Happy Beltane everyone!) Today I am happy to say I’ll be celebrating this holiday with some hot water! You see, our hot water heater broke on Sunday, flooding our basement and effectively disabling all the beautiful modern technology in … Read More

Creating a Sacred Space

As promised, here is my Yule-tide Craft room transformation post. This past Friday was the Winter Solstice. The day of longest dark and shortest light. I told you that I had a room in my home, just off of my bedroom, that was just crying out to be transformed. It’s … Read More

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