Moving Day Is Coming… Soon?

Well now, it’s been quite a while since my last post here. We seem to be at once moving at the speed of light, and slower than molasses going uphill in winter. Our move date is impending… and it’s not. Welcome to the military life. SO, let me fill you … Read More

And Life Picks Up the Pace

Where to begin? The last few weeks have proved to be jam-packed with events, and it’s kind of hard to organize into a coherent thought! So, list-form it is! – Connecticut While in Oregon, I found out that we are now slated to move to Connecticut! Due to a job … Read More

On Kids, Dreams, and Life

Oye, I’ve been bad at updating here these last few weeks, haven’t I? My apologies. It seems that the last few weeks have been less than inspiring. (Read: I’ve been feeling quite lazy.) While not-a-whole-heckuva-lot has been going on around here, there has been some action. Also, some thoughts. And … Read More

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