I’ve got magick on my mind this morning. It has occurred to me lately that I have been lacking in posts of a ‘witchy’ nature here; part of the whole reason I began this blog. If you’ve been reading in hopes of these types of posts, I apologize for the … Read More

A Quiet Ostara

The equinox is upon us. It’s no surprise I love this holiday (because lets face it, growing up dyeing and finding Easter eggs and eating loads of bunny-shaped chocolate kind of engrains it into your brain as an awesome holiday – even if it was somehow celebrated that way for … Read More

A Time for Action

Here we are, three days from Samhain, and nature is bearing down on us in the form of a hurricane. While the destructive force of this hurricane is not good news for people, for the Earth it is a necessary process. (I do hope that those  people that will feel … Read More

A Witch? A Beginning Explanation

I have often found myself being asked questions about what it is I believe in, and what, specifically I do in following those beliefs. This is because I don’t follow one of the more well-known or widely-followed major religions of the world. There is a lot of stigma around some … Read More

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