Our Home in New England

I wrote this in mid-June, just before Summer Solstice, but I thought you might enjoy it as an introduction to our current home: As I write this I am sitting on my front porch here at our home in Connecticut. My vegetables are growing in the garden in front of me, and beyond that … Read More

Let’s Call It My Summer Break…

Hi there, folks. It’s been a while… Sorry about that. It seems the summer has run away with me. The sun has brought with it an irresistible urge to not be in my office, doing something so mundane as typing up a blog post. I hope you’ll forgive me. Let … Read More

Dance Into Summer

What a week already! I can hardly believe today is Beltane! (Happy Beltane everyone!) Today I am happy to say I’ll be celebrating this holiday with some hot water! You see, our hot water heater broke on Sunday, flooding our basement and effectively disabling all the beautiful modern technology in … Read More

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