Our Crazy Life

Wow! There is SO MUCH going on around here these days!! First off, let me start with a big congratulations to my husband! This past week he took (his very first – despite having gone through high school and undergrad) graduation walk to receive his Masters in Business Administration from … Read More

Our Harvest Season

The last month (Wow, have I really not posted in that long? Sorry!) has proven to move along like the weeks before it. There’s been quite a lot going on around here! These last few weeks have included project work, a friend’s wedding, lots of around-the-house work, getting sick, and … Read More

A Quiet Ostara

The equinox is upon us. It’s no surprise I love this holiday (because lets face it, growing up dyeing and finding Easter eggs and eating loads of bunny-shaped chocolate kind of engrains it into your brain as an awesome holiday – even if it was somehow celebrated that way for … Read More

Mabon: Harvest of Thanksgiving

The time of the Autumnal Equinox is at hand. Today the day and night will be of equal length. We celebrate the second harvest on this day, placing fall fruits  and wine on the altar, and giving thanks for the yield of the season. Mabon is a name given to … Read More

Ostara: Fertility Abounds

I bet these colored eggs are familiar to you. I’m quite certain that they would be familiar to just about anyone in our western society, if not everyone. For most, these eggs are associated with the Christian holiday of Easter and are thus called “Easter Eggs”. Have you ever wondered … Read More

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