Sea of Twisted Souls


Ladies and gents, I have been lamenting my absence here, wondering what I was going to write about to get me back to my beautiful website, when my lovely friend asked me if I would participate in her cover reveal.

I was privileged to share her very first reveal when she published the first book in this trilogy two years ago  now, I am happy to be helping her reveal the third, and final, installment of the that magical series. Having read the full series now, I can tell you with certainty, that the trilogy only gets better as it goes on.

At any rate, without further ado, I am pleased to present book three of the Mystical Island trilogy…

It’s been sixteen years since Damian departed the island. Sixteen years since he broke his promise to be there when Morulin needed him. Now an adult, she’s ready to take the reins of rule from her father, but he has chosen to pass his position to her brother instead.

When Damian reappears without warning, Morulin isn’t interested in making amends. She’d rather spend her time with the enigmatic Pilgrim, a dimensional traveler with plenty of stories to tell. That Damian seems to loathe him only makes his company more appealing. But she can’t ignore her stepfather’s strange behavior, especially when someone attempts to assassinate the island’s new heir.

Damian insists the Pilgrim is responsible, but Morulin isn’t convinced. Could he be trying to frame his new rival? Or has something more sinister come to visit their island paradise? If Morulin’s family can’t heal their fractures in time to solve the mystery, they might lose their beloved dimension-hopping home.

Sea of Twisted Souls


You can purchase any of the books from this series from the following places: Amazon,  Smashwords,  Nook,  Kobo, & DriveThru Fiction.

And please feel free to follow the link to Megan’s website on the right side of my site to read more samples of her writing!


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