Pushing Past Setbacks

There comes a time in every technology user’s life when things just go wrong. Very wrong.

I am ashamed to say that this has happened to me on more than one occasion, with different projects and programs. With every occasion, I get a little more psycho about back-ups and storage, but somehow something eventually manages to slip through.

At the end of the week before this past, it was my homeschool records.

For the last month, I had been adding my curriculum choices and lesson plans into a program that helps organize such things, as well as allows you to keep track of attendance and grading. It took me three weeks to set in all of the information I had, working for a few hours at a time on most weekdays. I backed up the program every time I closed it.

After our first science lesson, I came to my computer to enter in our lesson completion, and do a back up. But instead of hitting “upload” I accidentally hit “download”. Which, I thought, wasn’t really that big of a deal since I’d just backed it up a few hours earlier…

Or… so I thought.

When it loaded the information it had, I was horrified to find that none of the information I’d implemented in the last three weeks was there. None. I just about cried.

I looked at the backup location, only to find that the document hadn’t actually been updated since the beginning of the month.

A sound escaped my mind like that of an anguished cat caught in a turbine.

I frantically messaged the creator of the program I was using, but since it was Friday, I did not receive a response until the following Monday. Far too late to save anything that might have been savable.

My information is gone. Poof. Like I never even thought about putting it in there.

Except that I did. I did.

And we took the next week off of school, because every time I looked at one of their lessons I wanted to get sick.


This week I am working on getting us back into the saddle. Little by little. Daily notebooks today, reading and math tomorrow, science the next day… We’ll get there.

In between, I’m plugging all of that information back in. And backing it up – to TWO different locations. And turning on my time machine (for goodness sake, WHY didn’t I have my time machine going?!).

Yes, I’m going back to the same program. Because it’s the only program I’ve found out there that allows me to store and keep track of things electronically, and with a click print the reports those nosy people from the school district will eventually want.

But I’m going super psycho about not loosing my information again.


Set-backs happen. I’m not going to agonize about losing my information any longer, and I’m going to stop feeling guilty that we’ve not “done school” for the last week (trust me, the guilt has been riding high).

I took my time to recover. Now it’s time to keep right on plowing through.


And you know what? Not all is bad… The boys had some lovely fall homeschool photos taken last week. And my youngest has learned the plastered-on smile look. Aren’t they beautiful?

(Photographed by the lovely Jessica Boyd!)
(Photographed by the lovely Jessica Boyd!)



Have you had any similar experiences with setbacks like this? Let me hear ’em!


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