Our Harvest Season

The last month (Wow, have I really not posted in that long? Sorry!) has proven to move along like the weeks before it. There’s been quite a lot going on around here!

These last few weeks have included project work, a friend’s wedding, lots of around-the-house work, getting sick, and more project work. Falling at the end of all the craziness was yesterday’s harvest holiday, Mabon.

Way back when I went to Oregon, I purchased a beautiful handmade besom (a special broomstick often used in pagan wedding ceremonies). At the end of August, I took up the task of decorating it for a good friend’s wedding. She and her husband have chosen to decorate their home in the colors of a peacock, so I decorated the besom accordingly. I must say, I’m pretty proud of how it came out:Wedding besom.

At their wedding, I was able to take part in their ceremony with the addition of the small, very fun tradition of jumping the broomstick. This symbolizes the couple crossing the threshold into their new life together. When they jump the broomstick the people in attendance are asked to call out a wish that they have for the couple to carry forward into their lives together. I have to say, the crowd at this particular wedding was very enthusiastic, and a great shout erupted as they jumped. Later, I heard many compliments from the guests telling me that they really enjoyed that part – that having that little bit of interaction in the ceremony really brought it home for them. The bride and groom loved it, too, and I am so happy I could bring that tradition to them.Jumping the broomstick.

After the wedding, I had a couple of weeks until the next big event; our family reunion! I planned on using those weeks to update the family tree and figure out a way to better hang it when we got to the reunion site. Well, sometimes nature has different plans, and the boys and I got sick instead. So, for a full week, we were all just trying to get by, and plans for working on the tree were delayed.

But eventually we did get better. My aunt visited to help me with reinforcing the top of the canvas that the tree is on and gave me some really helpful suggestions for some of the elements we decided to add to the tree in updating it.

Family Tree Updates.Added this year: Butterflies carrying banners and flowers to memorialize those we lost in the last year.

After all was said and done, I finally finished the updating of the family tree early the morning of the reunion! But once again, it was well received, and the family really appreciated having it there.

Having had such a full and fantastic weekend, I must say, I really consider all of the following to have been a part of my Mabon celebration this year:

Our family reunion, in which the boys enjoyed everything ranging from just fooling around with theme props, to playing with various distant cousins on the playground, to discovering nature, to playing games planned by some of my grand-aunts. Despite the rain that came at the end of the day, a really great time was had by all:Patriotic Bug.

Monster & his caterpillar.

Little socialites.

Fun & games.

A good day to relax, followed by a date night in D.C. with the hubs. It was my first time walking the National Mall at night, as well as the first time I’ve been there with my husband! The weather was perfect for a night walk, and we really enjoyed seeing the monuments all lit up:Night time at the National Mall.

Family gatherings, time to chill out with those you love most, and beautiful fall weather (accompanied by a gorgeous harvest moon). These are the things that absolutely made my Mabon this year.Date night at the National Mall.

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