One Week, Two Birthdays

A couple weeks ago, in mid-April, our family celebrated two birthdays.

We celebrated my husband’s birthday with a trip in to New York City. My grandmother visited for the weekend so she could watch the boys while we were away.

Mount Vernon with GramThe day before we left for the city, we took a day trip to Mount Vernon. My grandmother is a big fan of history, and we thought she would really enjoy a day touring around George Washington’s estate. It was a lot of walking (the place was huge!), but we had a good time.

LT's BirthdayOn the day of LT’s birthday, we woke early and drove into Newark, where we checked into our hotel before hitting the subway into the city. That day while in the city, we met a good friend for lunch, saw Alan Cumming in his almost one-man-show of Macbeth (the man was amazing,  we couldn’t imagine doing that show daily – how exhausting!), rode a lot (A LOT) of subway trains, and met another pair of good friends for a late dinner at the Hard Rock Café. Despite having to shift around some plans that ended up being a bit disappointing, we had a great day!

After spending the night, we also went to my husband’s ultimate favorite restaurant for lunch: The Modern. This was our second trip to The Modern, and we were again impressed by the flawless meal and wait staff. Of course, the restaurant is housed in a section of the MOMA, so looking out on their courtyard full of art and art viewers is also a bonus.

In the afternoon, we drove home to find two little boys with their hands waving and faces pressed to the front windows, waiting for us. Gram went home the following day.

Five days after the hubs’ big day is our oldest son’s birthday.

Going into it, I’d asked Monster what he wanted on his cake, using his brother’s birthday cake as an example so I was sure he understood the question.

“Cars!” was his immediate response.

I paused. “You want Cars?”

He nodded. “Lightning McQueen!”

Last year’s cake was a Cars cake. It featured Mater, but still, it was Cars.

Not really sure what to do about it, I sent a message to my aunt. Her response? “Make the same cake.”

So I did. Sort of. This time it was round and featured Lightning McQueen.

The day before his birthday, my aunt arrived for a short visit. That night we decorated the cake and the house, and wrapped the last-minute gift we’d decided to give him.

Monster's birthday presentsThe next morning Monster came downstairs to find his presents and cake arranged on the table. He exclaimed with delight at the sight of it all, and then we settled in for breakfast. After breakfast, we let Monster open his gifts. He got quite a few, and was thrilled with them all.

Monster's birthday at the museumWithin the next few hours, we dropped Bug off at the babysitter’s for the day, then took Monster to Baltimore to explore the Port Discovery children’s museum there. He had a lot of fun climbing around the gigantic maze-like gym they had and might have learned a few things in the hands-on exhibits. He also immensely enjoyed dancing to the music of “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead” from the Wizard of Oz in one of the exhibits.

A few hours in, we were all getting pretty tired, so we checked out. We picked up Bug on our way to Monster’s favorite restaurant, Red Robin.

When we got home, we sang the “Happy Birthday” song and ate some cake.

Our oldest son is now four years old. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Seasons of the World Tree - 05-08-2013 05 Monster's 4th Birthday 3Two birthdays in one week can get hectic, but wow, what a week! We really had a great time, and are super thankful to the people that participated in those special days!

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