On Kids, Dreams, and Life

Oye, I’ve been bad at updating here these last few weeks, haven’t I? My apologies.

It seems that the last few weeks have been less than inspiring. (Read: I’ve been feeling quite lazy.)

While not-a-whole-heckuva-lot has been going on around here, there has been some action. Also, some thoughts. And I’m gonna try a different kind of format today, let’s see how this goes…


On Kids:

Monster's Got Attitude
The moment we learned just how much attitude he’s picking up.

Monster has reached the stage where his attitude is exponentially growing, and ultimately taking over his development. He’s become rather impossible, having figured out how to use excuses to his advantage; “I have to pee!” when he’s out of bed at night (then he pees about an eighth of an ounce in the potty), “I’m full.” when dinner’s  something he doesn’t want to eat, and conversely “My tummy rumbles” when he sees something he thinks he wants to eat (even though he *just* finished eating a giant meal ten minutes ago).

All of these complete with pathetic gestures and appropriately sad or anguished faces.

We’re not buying it, but what the heck can you do? Usually if it’s food we pretty much ignore him. He’s gonna eat (or not, if that’s the case). But when it comes to going to the bathroom? 


The kid is tricky.

Bug says "Cheese, Pwease!"
Bug says “Cheese, Pwease!”

Bug, on the other hand just doesn’t seem to give a damn. He’s had another developmental pediatric appointment, and the doctor was all doom-and-gloom. They ran a blood test for some random genetic disease (that no one in the family has had, so…) and of course it came back negative. We’re taking him to see a speech language pathologist starting next week. Also, sometime in the next few weeks (these people have zero appointments!) we’ll be getting his hearing checked.

Personally, I’m not particularly concerned. I know my husband isn’t either. The kid shows us these glimmers of genius, but then turns around and does something really strange that we just don’t get. For example; last night after dinner, Bug wanted his milk. I asked him to ask nicely for it, and complete with signs, he asked his dad “Nuk, pwease.” Fantastic!! Then, after LT pours it, he tries to hand it to him and Bug turns and runs away crying. Only after we’ve set it on the table does he come and get it for himself and calm down.


So on one hand, we think he’s just doing it at his own pace. He has lots of language issues (which is why we’re going to the SLP next week), but for the most part, he seems to understand us. Any other time, it feels like he’s just ignoring us, rather than not understanding.

I guess we’ll see.


On Dreaming:

I have always dreamt. Crazy, insane, weird, sometimes terrifying and horrific dreams. I dream just about every night. Most of the time I can remember my dreams in the morning. Sometimes I wake up, heart pounding, terrified of whatever was going on in my dream. I lay there paralyzed until my body forces itself back to sleep.

I’ve had this problem since I was a child. I remember having terrifying dreams as a child and waking up and crying and screaming, and sometimes no one would come.

Apparently my mom also dreams like me. Maybe it’s hereditary.

I think Monster’s starting to dream now, too.

The other day he woke up crying in the beginning of the evening. I went to him and he started telling me that “It’s not my fault”, and then something about “the light in my belly”.  … Okay, kid, you got me there. I calmed him down and he went right back to sleep.

It sounded like a strange one, but maybe not a particularly terrifying one. I hope he doesn’t get the scary ones.

I hope.


On Life in General:

Well, it looks like we might be heading to Guam in a little more than a years’ time. Of course, due to the nature of the military we really don’t know yet (we won’t know until about six months before we have to go). Chances are, though, we’ll be moving to the small (wow, is that an understatement!) island next spring. Hooray?

You can’t even see the island under the name! >.<

Everything else around here has been pretty average. We’re planning a trip for a day and a half to NYC next weekend, for the hubs’ birthday. Looking forward to that! And Monster’s fourth birthday is the following weekend! Holy cow, how time flies.

And at the same time, it resoundingly doesn’t. These last couple of weeks have just been dragging! Is spring here yet? I’m still not sure!

Anyway, before this post gets too long, I’ll put an end to it. Hopefully I’ll write again sooner rather than later. Probably about the trip and the kid’s birthday.

Is this spring coming slowly to you, too?

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  1. Teaching Stars
    | Reply

    I’ve been a vivid-dreamer for as long as I can remember too. To this day I can still easily recall images from dreams from my childhood. I have noticed that since motherhood the frequency of my dreams have slightly subsided (exhaustion maybe?) but when I do dream it’s always detailed and vivid.

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      I can easily recall childhood dreams, too. How interesting that we have this capacity, yet understand so little about it.

      I don’t think I dream less, necessarily, after having kids. But I think I sometimes remember them less now than I used to. (I would indeed attribute that to the exhaustion that comes with kids!) Although I must say, that’s a very small percentage of the time. I generally still vividly remember my dreams the morning after I’ve had them.

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