My Samhain Celebration

This year my goal is to write a more personal entry for each of the eight holidays on the Wheel of the Year. In these entries I plan to write about how I will be celebrating (or have celebrated) the holiday both as a solitary practitioner, and with my family. These entries will be a little dose of the holidays from my point of view. (Especially as I am just now beginning to figure out how they’ll work as celebrations involving the whole family.)

It is important that you know my plan for when I will celebrate each holiday, given that my posts won’t necessarily land on the day of the holiday going forward.

These holidays have specific dates really for convenience in this day and age of calendars and time-management. In the ancient times that the holidays came about, they would have been celebrated according to the sun, moon, and stars.

Therefor, it is my goal to become more astrologically aware of the holidays. In  doing so, I’ll be celebrating or doing ritual(s) according to the stars’ placement in the sky (or, more correctly, our placement relative to the stars).
Note: I may write more about this later, but it’s a lot of very confusing information for the average person, so I’ll probably leave most of the details out when it comes to the astrology. However, if you have questions or comments (remember, I’m fairly new at the whole astrology thing, so every little bit helps), please feel free to ask or comment!!

I will write two parts in each of these blog entries: The first will be how I plan to recognize the holiday through ritual. The second will be the traditions my family will participate in with me for the holiday.

So let’s get started, shall we?

As I wrote in my post last year, Samhain falls (for me, at least) at the beginning of the Wheel. It is a time to honor those that have passed on in the past year as well as those you still feel may be with you just on the other side of the veil.

It is a time for reflecting on the last year, and learning from it. A time for preparing to step forward into the next year, and taking that first step.

Samhain is generally my favorite holiday on the Wheel. The secular Halloween may have a little bit to do with that (who doesn’t like dressing up and trick-or-treating?). However, in my experience, at this time of year, I’ve had more intense feelings that something really is working during rituals. Not that I don’t feel the rituals work at other times, it just seems that they somehow feel more at this time of year.

How I will recognize the holiday in ritual:

– In my last post, I told you that I’ve started this holiday’s celebration by casting a banishing spell for the nasties in my life. When the moon is new (a good time to cast to bring things into your life), I will cast again accordingly, to bring positive change into my life.

– Tomorrow (the day calculated to be the mid-point between the equinox and the solstice), I will set a place at the table for friends and relatives that have passed. In the future I hope to be more prepared for this, and be able to put something on the table that was a favorite food of those persons. But this year, it will just have to be a photo, name, or memory. In the future this will be something the whole family takes part in, but until the boys are older (and the husband is home), it’ll just be something for me to do on my own.

Traditions for the family: 

Monster in the Pumpkin Patch– Every year we have been really good at picking pumpkins from a nearby pumpkin patch and carving them. Except this year. Between the husband being away so much this season, and my pendulous swing to the bottom as far as mood these last few weeks, it just didn’t happen. We still got the pumpkins, but they sit, un-carved, on our front porch. I hope to continue carving them as a family as we move forward.

– Yes, we will probably dress up for Halloween. Like I said, this is probably part of the reason I love this holiday so much. I’m excited to get everyone into costumes and take the boys door-to-door, trick-or-treating like I did when I was a kid. There is significance from history in this tradition, and as the boys grow, I’ll teach them about it. This year we tried dressing up, and one of the boys was perfectly happy to do so, the other was not so much. We didn’t go trick-or-treating because it was ambiguous as to whether or not it was happening in our neighborhood this year. Onward and upward!

– As I said above, in the future, the family will take part in the dinner to honor those passed. It is just a matter of the boys getting a bit older.

That concludes this year’s plans for Samhain. If you’ve stuck with me through all of that, thanks. Again, if you’ve got comments or questions, feel free!

And please tell me; how do you celebrate this season? Bug in the Pumpkin Patch

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