Moving Day Is Coming… Soon?

Well now, it’s been quite a while since my last post here.

We seem to be at once moving at the speed of light, and slower than molasses going uphill in winter.

Our move date is impending… and it’s not.

Welcome to the military life.

SO, let me fill you in a bit on what’s been going on the last month or so.

We had a wonderful trip to the UK with my best friend and her family, touring from Portsmouth England, to London, all the way up to Scotland. We saw many breathtaking sites, and enjoyed learning some of the history of the land. We also had a blast at a pub or two along the way (a must if you’re in the UK)!Our UK Trip!

When we got home, my oldest son turned five. We had a good weekend of celebrating with his grandma here to visit.Monster's 5!!

A couple of weeks later, we decided that now was the time to take a trip up to the theme park near my home town that I grew up going to, and eventually worked at (not the first in my family to do so). A few things will be leaving the park in the coming year, and I wanted my husband to see the park as I remember it, before too much changes. It was also the boys’ first trip to the park (and we are happy to report that they are both thrill ride lovers)!Knoebel's!

Since then we’ve been trying to figure out our move. My husband is set to arrive in Connecticut at his new job this summer, but the house we’re going to live in when we get there is eluding us. We’re really hoping something works out soon, but until then we’ll be in a sort of limbo, preparing for a move that could happen at any moment between now and… well, who knows?

So, while we’re doing our packing and prepping for the move, life has been and probably will continue to be a little hectic around here. Hopefully something will happen soon and we’ll be able to settle into our new home before the end of the summer, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

That said, in the mean time please forgive me for not posting much, if at all. I’ll try to let you know when we’re heading out, but I can’t promise anything (especially if things happen quickly). But I do promise this: I will resume writing with some regularity once we’re in our new house and settled.

Have a lovely summer!

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