Meat Loaf

What. An. Amazing. Man.

I had a ridiculous experience this weekend. And by that I mean ridiculously good.

I met a man that I have loved and admired for the last 21 years of my life. And he was a kind and passionate human being. Just exactly as I knew he would be.

Meat Loaf is doing a limited engagement in Las Vegas. A show called “Rocktellz and Cocktails”. (If you can manage it, go. Don’t even think twice.)

I got lucky, and my aunt volunteered to watch the boys, and we figured out the budget to get the tickets to go. And we managed it.

The. Show. Was. Amazing.

Hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. He rocked it so incredibly hard. His passion for what he does just sweeps you up right with him.

I’m not even beginning to lie when I say that I think he’s probably the best entertainer out there. (Excuse me while I attempt to tuck my fan-girl back in.)

Meat signed my album!A few hours before the show, I was lucky enough to shake his hand and have a few words spoken with him. I even got my picture taken with him (not to mention he signed my vinyl!). 

And he hugged me. 

My heart was pounding the whole time. And I somehow managed to keep the tears of joy at bay until after the photo was taken.

The other fans that were in the meeting group were super nice, too. A group of them thought I was cute, I guess, because later on at the show, they bought my husband and myself a drink, and gave me one of Meat’s guitar picks that he’d tossed off the stage. (BTW – if you’re one of those people, thank you. You are awesome. Friend me! 🙂 )

But I have a confession to make:

I had a dream come true this weekend, but I messed up.

It’s so terrible to even admit this – so much so that I almost didn’t write about it. But I have to be honest. I’m awake at quarter after two this morning because I can’t make the nag in my head shut up.

I failed at my meeting with Meat Loaf.

I had a golden opportunity to DO something. To say something to him, to ask him a question. Hell, even to burst out in song. But I didn’t do it. Like a mouse, I let him pass on to the next person without uttering a peep about what my real dream is.

Now, I realize that even if I had gotten up the gumption to actually ask him the question I’ve desired to ask him for years, the question burning in my heart, he probably would have done as any sane performer would do – politely laugh and tell me it was never going to happen (in a totally kind and sweet way – because that’s how Meat rolls).

But I didn’t even ask. As the man stood there and told one of the other people at the meet and greet, from his own experience, never to be shy about meeting someone you admire, I did just that.

When I went to have my picture taken with him, I walked over to him and he looked at my corset and joked “Can I borrow that for one of my girls?” And too quietly, I said “Or, you could let me sing with you.” I don’t even think he heard me (because I was too quiet, not because he was inattentive).

And I am super exasperated with myself for blowing my chance. Because there’s no harm in asking. The risk is always worth taking. And I missed it.

The “What-ifs” are enough to drive me batty. (Hah.) I can’t stop thinking about them. I know that I’ll eventually move on because real life is there to live, but they’ll always be there. What if?…

So, Meat, on the off chance that you’re reading this, I’d like to ask:

How does one get to perform with you? Would you ever give a shot to a super fan you just met?

Better yet, I’d like to just start singing to you. Because while I don’t have a voice like Patti Russo, I can definitely carry a tune in a bucket, and I can act. Something I know you can relate to. I’d like to try to make a bigger impression on you, even if my dream to perform with you will never happen. Because you are an amazing person. You make people like me dream of doing these things. I’d like to know that I might have at least made an impression on you, no matter how small that impression might have been.

And if you are reading this (which in and of itself would rock so hard, I can’t even begin), know that I would most definitely jump through hoops to make another opportunity happen. Because there’s no way I would miss it again.

*sigh* If only.

The reality is that I missed my chance to do something stupid (which in my book would have been the smart thing to do – as backwards as that sounds). And I’ll have to live with that until the end of my days. And I will, because that’s what we do. But, oh man, what if?

The reality also is that I did have a dream come true this weekend. Just meeting Meat was such a thrilling and amazing experience, I will remember it for the rest of my life.

And what a show. If I never go to another concert to the end of my days, I will live happily knowing that nothing tops this. Because he is my artist. And I can’t even begin to tell you how it made me feel. Suffice it to say that I am nearly crying right now just thinking about that show. So. Amazingly. Good.

Regardless of any feelings of regret (which, in general I have sworn off regret in my life – as much as this post seems to negate that idea), I have met my rock star. And he was, in reality, a wonderful person. Nothing can diminish that.

My heart is so full knowing that he is the person I’ve always dreamed he is. I hope I can emulate that in my life.

Thank you, Meat. Row & Meat Loaf!!!

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