I’ve got magick on my mind this morning.

It has occurred to me lately that I have been lacking in posts of a ‘witchy’ nature here; part of the whole reason I began this blog. If you’ve been reading in hopes of these types of posts, I apologize for the lack. Let me try to swing that pendulum back the other way.


I have, in the past, tried to set out a mission for myself here to write more about my magickal life.  Unfortunately, I have done little to that effect.

To be completely honest. I’ve done little to that effect on this end of the pen, too.

Now, to my credit, I have been slightly more active in my spiritual life, but that has been limited to a small observation of my spirituality in the morning and whatever moments I might find throughout the day. It’s more than I can claim for the past few years on a regular basis, though, so it’s a start!

It’s just not really been, well, blog worthy.

But, you know, it’s March. I was born this month (hey, I’m 30 now, btw!). And with that connection, I do feel quite a bit of power behind myself in these few weeks. (Is this something I alone feel about the time surrounding my birthday? I wonder.)

So I want to do some magick.

What might that entail?

Who knows, really? I haven’t done the ritual yet, and I’m quite sure it will be more off-the-cuff than planned.

But I do know how it works.


That single word is basically the thing that encompasses all the magick that I do.

Every ritual I’ve done that has had results, every time I really felt what I was doing while I was doing it, every time I’ve cast a spell that has far surpassed what I was expecting; it was the energy at work.

You know that feeling when you get when you’ve done something you love really well? When you’ve run a marathon, or you’ve finished a play or dance, or you’ve finished a work of art or project that you’ve really put your heart into? The wonderful boost of positive energy that you get, and you feel you could live on it for days? That feeling of elation, however long it lasts; that’s magick.

There are many ways to build this energy in a ritual. It can be built by a dance, or chanting, or drumming, or even simple meditative concentration (the list can go on for miles).

When you get that feeling, you know what I’m talking about, that is magick.

I bet you’ve been doing it all of your life, and you didn’t even know it.

But what happens when you get it? Most likely, you live on that high for a while, then try to achieve it again. Absorb the magick and recycle it. Try to produce more.

When a witch produces that magick, she (or he!) does so with intention, then she attempts to harness it and focus it, and send it out into the universe with a certain purpose in mind.

A witch!Have you ever heard of a cone of power? That is, many times, what I am working toward when practicing magick. Imagine an invisible cone, a large circle at it’s base (that’s the magick circle that you see so often depicted), coming to a point at the top. (Did you know that this is why the witch’s hat is shaped the way it is?)

That cone is built to focus the energy (imagine inside of that cone a sort of wind circling), and at the pinnacle of the ritual, that energy, often focused through the point at the top of the cone, is released. It is sent out into the world in hopes that it will do some sort of work for us.

It could be healing energy, sent to help a friend or community in need, it could be to help achieve a more personal goal. The possibilities are endless.

I am quite a believer in this energy. I’ve felt it at work on more than one occasion. I’ve seen my own personal spells come to fruition.

I do feel that there is one more element that goes into magick to really make it work. But that is a post for another day.

Until then, explore your own magickal energy, and see where it takes you! And please, let me know! I’d love to hear about it!!

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