Let’s Call It My Summer Break…

Hi there, folks. It’s been a while… Sorry about that.

It seems the summer has run away with me. The sun has brought with it an irresistible urge to not be in my office, doing something so mundane as typing up a blog post. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Let me get you up-to-date.

The Boys:

Bug is once again moving in leaps and bounds out of his “developmental delay”. Notice the quotation marks? Yeah. That’s pretty much how I feel about it all now. He’s trying to communicate using words far more now, and while we still don’t understand him 100% of the time, we’re happy to know that he’s more receptive to imitating new words and attempting to communicate with us.

Not to mention he knows his alphabet (and I didn’t teach it to him – at least not out-rightly). The little stinker just started spelling things he saw the other day when we were out. We’ve since figured out that he knows all of his letters. But we have to be a bit sneaky about it, because if he catches us reviewing them with him, he’ll stop.

Row & Bug giggleSo I’m learning something about how I’ll need to teach Bug when it comes to homeschooling him. I’ll have to teach him with my peripheral vision, so he doesn’t know I’m doing it.

Also; Bug is apparently a budding little actor. I was thrilled to find that while I sang along with a character in a movie we were watching the other day, he picked up the other part almost instantly and acted the rest of the scene out with me! What a little ham! I couldn’t believe how he just picked it right up and knew what to do! Ha!

Little stinker. That should be his new nickname.

Monster's new TKD uniform!Monster is still working on that attitude. Everything is “why?” now, as in “Why are you asking me to do this?” (Not “Why is the sky blue?”, which I’d much prefer). And oh, how he enjoys throwing me looks (you know what I mean) and sounds when I tell him he needs to do something, slumping to it, or ignoring me altogether.  The kid has really figured out how to push my buttons (and his dad’s too). Hooray.

But, he has started a new class in the last few weeks: Tae Kwon Do! And he does really well at it. I have to say I’m relieved to find that there’s something he can find some inner discipline for. I think he does really well for his age. He’s earned three stripes on his belt already. I hope we can find instructors for that wherever we go, I think it will be good for him to keep it up in the long run.

My chief concern with him is really just being less defiant (to me) in the future. I realize that this all may just be an age thing at this point (I sincerely hope it is, anyway), so I’m just trying to wait it out.

The Hubs and I:

LT has had a lot of travel going on for work the last few weeks, and will continue to for a while yet, I think. Ugh.

The time that he has spent at home has been really fantastic, though. He treated me to a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, and is just generally really good to have around (thank goddess I married him!). I miss him when he’s gone. Not only for the adult company and help around the house, but just because he’s him. (Oh so sappy, sorry about that).Basil!

I’ve been working on some sewing (to be revealed in coming weeks, I hope) and plant-raising (the basil is doing wonderfully, the others… well, they’re okay so far).

There’s been lot going on compared to some of the past few months, but life in general is pretty much as usual. Just livin’.

Instead of writing about it all, here are a few highlights:

Mother's Day
A lovely Mother’s Day!

Staining the deck
Deck staining!
(Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for all the help!)

Monster & Bug playing with the water table.
The boys got a new water table to play with.

Monster's dentist appointment
Monster screamed through his second dentist appointment and then said “That wasn’t so bad!”

No picture!
Bug didn’t want his picture taken.

Monster & Bug with LT
These were the best pictures I could get of the boys on Father’s Day.

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