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Monster & Bugs' 1st Day

The Academy of the World Tree is officially in session!

Well, it has been for about a year now… but you know how it goes when you move to a new state and everything’s new, and life is in the air and you’re just trying to get your feet planted, and you’re also starting new things and making new friends, and everything seems to happen all at once and suddenly a year goes by and you realize you never blogged about any of it!!!

Yeah. There’s that.

So anyway, we did, in fact, start school last year, with the Monster in Kindergarten and the Bug in Pre-K. We really went easy on the “school work” (because Kindergarten and Pre-K, dudes), covering reading and some beginning math, along with making sure we know all about our days/weeks/months/years, and every day things like the weather. They love it. In fact, they love it so much that on days we don’t “do school”, they are bummed!

So this year, I’m really excited to be starting on some of the “hard stuff” with them.

Since the Monster is technically starting 1st grade this year (we’re calling it “1st-ish”), we’ll be diving into World History, United States History & Geography, Life Science (aka Biology for beginners), and continuing our Reading and Math curriculums.

And just because the Bug (who is four) is only in “Kindergarten-ish”, doesn’t mean he won’t be getting a healthy dose of those subjects as well. From what I’ve seen so far, that kid will just absorb his brother’s lessons through osmosis (the kid often proves he’s got more of it down than his brother, in fact), so he’ll be learning right along side his brother – possibly with slightly less written work and more coloring. And as long as he’s nearby when we’re working, he’ll be learning, too.

In addition to the book and paperwork we’ll be doing, as is the absolute beauty of (and despite the name) homeschooling, we also will be doing a lot of learning outside our home. We have memberships at the local aquarium, as well as a few museums in the area. We also plan to take trips to national parks and sites in surrounding areas and states (because we’d be seriously remiss if we didn’t take advantage of that whole “moving around every three years” thing by visiting places we’re near – *I’m looking at you, Ben & Jerry’s factory*!!).

And there’s also that thing called “life”. We catch lessons as they come at us – when the boys have questions, we do our best to answer them, or take notes for a later discussion. We learn how to navigate through every day waters – all the things that we as adults feel it is necessary to have a good grip on. The boys will begin to learn to cook soon, as well as skills such as cleaning and laundry, and even shopping for groceries or clothing (clearly we won’t be sending them out on their own for these things any time soon, but the lessons will still be there). Many of our other subject will be incorporated through our daily lives (math, health and wellness, science, reading – all of these things can be found in everything)!

Best of all, they’ll be learning to love learning, and will know that it’s not just something we do in a classroom with thirty other kids and a teacher at the front. It’s something we do every day – whether it’s with other people or on our own, with or without a teacher.

Today, we had our first “official” day of the school year. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things we did today for our “Not Back to School” day (of which I’ll write more later this week)!

Not Back To School Day!

So please keep an eye out here to learn more about the curriculums we’re using, what our daily schedules look like, and to get a look at our adventures as we travel through this awesome world, learning every bit we can as we move along!


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