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Today I’m going to start what I’ll call “Witchy Wednesday” – marking a day (maybe not every week) where I can explore what’s going on in my spiritual life, and maybe even share things that I find from other places that might inspire me into some action or reflection. I’d like to start today, with my most recent thoughts on the process of revitalizing my spirituality:

Keeping my spirituality active in these hectic days has proven to be quite a challenge. I have started and stopped different projects, never fully finishing them. I have begun a daily recitation, and always seem to manage to lose track of it. I’ve planned on doing ritual for the sabbats as they come around, but rarely ever get to them.

A wealth of excuses bubble to the top each time something falters. I feel I am not alone in this. Many around me these days don’t seem to have an active roll going in their belief, if they claim one (no matter which belief system it may be). I believe it’s a sign of the times. These things get pushed to the back burner, and we are reminded at certain moments, but ultimately they just take a back seat to the rest of life happening around us. We certainly still believe, and hold on to that faith somewhere deep inside. We just don’t have time to pause and reflect upon or observe the basis of that belief in our lives.

Recently, though, I have more and more frequently had it rise to the top of my mind. Time to get more active. Time to put my foot down and answer that call.

I have been working pretty hard at waking up at a decent hour to get my day started. The boys are always up before me (hopefully that will change as they grow), and LT goes to work early. I am almost always the last one out of bed. Don’t judge. I’ve never claimed to be a morning person, nor have I ever really desired to be one. Some people’s rhythms just don’t match the so-called “norm”. And the boys are fine – they can chill and watch cartoons for a bit until I get around.

So I’ve begun a process with which I will hopefully get into the habit of waking and rising earlier. I set an alarm that will ease into my conscious with light music that gradually grows in volume and pace. So far it’s been working fairly well. I give myself a song or two to laze in bed to, and when a certain song begins, it’s time to roll out. I get up, get dressed, and head out to face the day (starting with coffee whenever possible).

Now I think it’s time to add the next step. A morning ritual of sorts. A short meditation perhaps. Maybe combined with some light yoga poses (I’m not really all that into yoga – when I did do it, I wasn’t thrilled) or stretches. Just enough to get some blood moving through my veins. Add an invocation recognizing the earth in all of her splendor as she changes from day to day and season to season, and I think I might have something.

At least it’s something that looks to me like a pretty good start to re-awakening my spiritual side.

Any ideas to add? How do you keep your faith alive in this busy life?Pagan Coffee

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