Is Life Hectic, or Am I Just Crazy?

I was going to write today about the crazy busy life we’ve had over the last month. But now, as I sit here staring at my screen, I’m finding that I can’t recall why I thought it was so busy. As far as I can remember off-hand, life has pretty much just been the daily grind around here… At least, I think it has… Maybe I’m just starting to crack. 

At any rate, I’ll fill you in on what I do remember from the last month. Maybe more will come to me as I write. 

Perhaps I feel like the past month was so hectic because for much of it my husband was gone. As a man in the military, his job takes him overseas quite a bit. He is sometimes gone for up to three weeks at a time (believe me, I know we’re lucky that’s all he’s gone for!), and I’m left in a temporary status of single-motherhood. 

As you can imagine, those days and weeks tend to drag on for me. The boys and I rarely leave the house when LT’s gone, and the days get a lot longer when there’s not an adult around to talk to. 

So, in the last month my oldest son turned three, my youngest began to walk (finally!), we all (meaning the little ones and I) had doctors appointments, and the family took a short vacation in the Outer Banks. (Maybe a lot did happen this month!)

On April 19th, I managed to throw a small birthday party for Monster. My friend Jet and my grandmother attended. Jet and I made up the basement of our house (which is quite a large finished space, in which we have virtually no furniture) for a party. We hung crepe paper streamers, put up “Cars” decals on the walls, wrapped the presents and made a cake. LT attended the party via webcam, and we all had a fairly decent time. Monster of course, was super excited, and quickly learned to say that he was three – holding three of his fingers up proudly.

Bug had been cruising along the furniture pretty well by this point, and it was around his big brother’s birthday that he actually started letting go of it and walking a few steps without support. Today, he is walking pretty well on his own, but still seems to need the support of furniture or a wall to get him to standing. 

We all had appointments with our primary care managers the week after Monster’s birthday. I met with my doctor to discuss some of my alarming stress levels lately, and she gave me a list of resources that may help in getting me out of the house (particularly when LT’s not home) and away from the boys for a bit. All while still keeping our checkbook in the black. She also gave me a referral for an acupuncture appointment, saying that the doctors there on base are very good in working with the body’s energy centers. (However, they’re pretty booked up, so we’ll see how soon I actually get to do that). 

Monster’s appointment went pretty much as expected. He’s doing just fine for his age. The doctor wants him to start seeing the dentist before the year is out, but otherwise had no notes.

Bug, on the other hand, fell on the short end of the stick. His fifteen month evaluation didn’t go so well, and he was rated as being below the level he should be on several points. (Things like the fact that he doesn’t point at things he wants, or look at where we’re pointing, or the fact that he hasn’t spoken a single word yet.) She was also concerned with the fact that he actually lost a little over a pound since his last appointment in January. So we were given a referral for him to see a behavioral specialist. It looks like that isn’t happening until sometime in June, though, as that doctor is also booked up. *sigh*

After our appointments, we got on the road. My aunt and uncle had invited us to a few days’ stay at a beach house some friends were renting in the Outer Banks. We opted to take the journey, even if LT had to leave a bit early to come back to work. It turned out to be a great weekend despite being overcast most of the time we were there, and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

We got home just this last Tuesday, on Beltane, and have been pretty much just re-adjusting back into normal life since. It won’t be long before our routine is set off kilter again, though. LT’s mom is coming to visit this weekend for mother’s day. It’ll be the first time she’ll have met Bug since he was born, and her first visit with us since before we left California. I’m sure it will be a great weekend with all that we have planned. 

I’ll let you all know how it goes! In the mean time, I’ll leave you to ponder how much our eldest son has grown since his birth…
Monster's Three Years Old!


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