In Hibernation

Hello friends.

Please forgive me for having seemingly fallen off the face of the earth for the past few weeks.

I think I’ve gone into hibernation.

Aside from a brief trip to the home turf to see some friends (a much needed evening, indeed) and to drop off all of our no-longer-needed baby stuff, we’ve been pretty well holed up here in the house. LT’s been gone most of the past few weeks, and when that happens, I tend not to leave the house if not absolutely necessary. It’s just easier to take the boys out when there are two of us to deal with them.

I mean, we’ve been going to Bug’s clinics (he’s doing just fine, by the way – see more on that below), and the boys’ gym classes (which have not been quite as nightmarish as the one I previously posted about, but still difficult). Otherwise, though, we’re as homebody as homebody can get. <

I have to say, I really haven’t gotten anything done the last few weeks. I’ve been rather bored, actually. I’m not really sure what to do with myself lately.

Moving on, though…

Bug has been doing great with his language development – even though he still really doesn’t use “real” words yet. When we watch the kiddy-cartoons, he sings along and does all the gestures they do. He also responds when it’s an appropriate time to respond (these cartoons have space in them for kids to talk back at the cartoon characters, if you haven’t seen them recently). He just doesn’t use any words.

In fact, at this very moment, he’s doing his no-word singing along to “I See the Light” from “Tangled” as it plays on our Disney Pandora station. And the other day we watched as he was watching “Blue’s Clues”, and he did all the gestures to the opening song and ran like hell to reach his “thinking chair” on the other side of the living room for that portion of the song. He’s freaking adorable these days.

Monster has been a harder nut to crack lately, though. He’s firmly entrenched in the “terrible toddler/preschooler-hood” (because let’s face it, “twos” just doesn’t cut it). He’s highly energetic, he needs constant affirmation for everything, he’s pushing his boundaries and our buttons without pause every minute that he’s awake.

I know that most of the issues we have with him stem from his being that highly energetic, extrovert child. Trust me, I get it. He needs to get out. He needs to find some friends. The Monster and I are two peas, it seems. How horrifying that I should have a child just like myself. I don’t remember my care-takers wishing this one me (although it’s possible they just did it when I wasn’t paying attention).

I wonder if Bug’s going to come to this, too. No doubt he will. Oy vey.

We shall see how all that goes. I think I’m going try to use my hibernation-stasis to ponder how we might emerge from our shell in the coming weeks and months. Because clearly, we need to get out.

Thankfully, this week is affording us just such an opportunity. Tomorrow we’ll be getting on the road to visit my Aunt and Uncle for the holiday – a visit that I am very much looking forward to. Not only is her Thanksgiving dinner always delicious, but their hospitality has always been wonderfully warm.

On A WalkI hope your holiday is warm and inviting as well.

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