I Am Mom: Hear Me Sigh

Here at the start of the new year, we are counting down to our second son’s first birthday. Bug will turn one year old in four days. And he has yet to eat any type of food with any texture that is not extremely puréed. Mashed up banana? Not a chance. Those dissolvable puff things that come in so many wonderful flavors? Nuh uh. As soon as it hits his tongue, it’s gag city. *sigh*

So there’s the whole question now of what exactly he’ll do with a birthday cake. I mean, I’m (mostly) a realist. He’s probably going to just play with it. And get it everywhere, per the one-year-old tradition that started this “give your baby his first major sugar on his first birthday and watch him make a mess of himself” craze. Okay, fine, I can deal with that (as for dad, now that is a different story). But still, when will this kid start eating real food? I wish I knew. I suppose that’ll be number one on my list of questions for the pediatrician at his one year appointment.

Otherwise our little Bug is doing just fine. Truckin’ along faster daily with his crawling, and learning to pull himself up on the furniture and cruise. It’s an adventure daily, watching him get himself into position to grab a toy from the table, only to have it pushed out of his reach by his older brother. 

Bug Toddlin'

Speaking of the devil. Monster has begun pushing his boundaries and exploring his world as only a two-going-on-three-going-on-rebellious-teenager-year-old can do. His latest debacles? He’s discovered my little corner cabinet, in which I store all of my baking goods and various grains (things like flour, sugar, rice). A couple of days ago I was busy on a phone call for a few minutes in another room. Toward the end of the call, I begin to hear a rather suspicious sound. Pssshhh! Pssshhh! I rush the end of the call, get to the kitchen, and see my oldest sitting on the floor, surrounded by piles of rice. It is everywhere, inside of other cabinets, strewn all the way across the kitchen and half way into the living room, even on the counter, which my toddler can’t even see the top of. *sigh*

Then this morning, I was gone for another couple of minutes, only to return to find him standing, holding in his hands the little scoop that was attached to the powdered sugar container. Piles of sugar all over the floor, up the sides of the cabinets, coating his clothing, and just generally anywhere he could sprinkle it. *sigh* Needless to say I’ve learned my lesson about leaving him unattended with access to the kitchen.

Monster's in Trouble

On a more positive note, Monster’s learning more and more daily about putting sentences together, he’s begun drawing legible shapes and pictures, and he’s got a vast majority of his basic phonics down when we do the alphabet flash cards. I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying I think that we’ll have a little reader (simple words!) within a year.

In other news: it’s very lightly snowing outside. I know that much of the nation has seen more than it’s fair share of snow already this year, but we have only barely seen a flurry. My little boys haven’t yet experienced playing in the snow, and I just purchased their first pairs of snow pants. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for just enough of the white stuff to make a snow angel or three and maybe a few snow balls, too. 

Snowy Deck

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