Housework Momentum, and Nostalgia

In keeping with my previous blog entry, despite (or maybe because of) the heat, we’ve been working on getting a lot done around the house. Having been here for almost a year now, it’s amazing how much we’ve been putting off we’re finally getting done. With only two years left here. Oye.

Basement DecorAnyway, in the last two weeks we’ve managed to get the basement walls patch-painted (thank goddess the paint actually matched when we got a new quart), we’ve framed, matted (what needed it), and hung all our movie / play / actor / musical posters in that same basement space, we’ve hung various other pictures throughout the house, we’ve painted the front door, and we’ve secured the fake window shutters to the house (they’d blown loose in a storm about a week ago). I also started to attempt to organize my art things in a little “art corner” in the basement. 

With the way things are going, it looks like our forward momentum and list of things to get done will carry us well into the fall as far as work around the house goes.

In addition to the house work, I’ve been working with a relative on a big family tree project for our reunion in September. I’ll very likely be posting more about that later with some pictures. Hopefully it’ll be good! 

I’ve also been working with Bug daily (bit by bit) doing some signing and language work. He still really hasn’t made any jumps in those areas, and I don’t really expect him to. This will take time. The people from the county that I’m working with also will be around to help out more once the school year starts. So I’m looking forward to more input then.

The project I’ve been working on this last couple of days that has drawn most of my attention, however, has been finding, going through, and organizing photos. For the last three days, in preparation for sending them off to get scanned to digital photos, I’ve been in nostalgia mode daily. 

Photo OrganizingI’m sifting through hundreds of photos and finding gems of all sorts. Lots and lots of photos from high school – from band, to plays, to dances, to graduation, and everything in between. It’s just awesome stumbling across some of this stuff. There are photos from a six-month time period in which I lived in Indiana in 7th grade. There are photos from family holidays, old family photos I didn’t know I had (and don’t know how I got), childhood vacations, high school vacations, weddings, old flames, and even pets!

So it really comes as no surprise that memories have been tumbling from my mind like water from a faucet these past few days. Holy cow. What craziness, to think back on all that has gone in my past – to have the visuals to bring back memories so vividly! How lucky we are to have the ability to keep visual records of all of these times in our lives.

I look forward to going through my current stash of digital photos (numbering in the thousands) in ten or fifteen years. I’m sure my boys will get a kick out of it, too!

If you’re lucky enough to have a stash of photos somewhere, I encourage you to dig them out and have a look. I’m sure your mind will be blown just as much as mine.

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