Life has been slowly coasting downhill around our house lately. I have been having nightmares and not sleeping well in general (on top of dealing with my main hand healing from surgery and being almost useless for household tasks). Our toddler has begun to refuse to even taste all food that isn’t bananas, bread, breaded chicken, or pasta in some form. And our almost-toddler gags on anything that’s not of a puréed or rice cereal consistency.

With all of this going on, I think it’s time to re-evaluate and set some goals.

Recently a witch friend reminded me to do a house clearing and protection spell – which I have neglected to do since we moved here late this  past summer. It’s so easy to forget that part of you sometimes, particularly if you’re not practicing regularly. Which, I loathe to say, I have not been doing. I also have yet to set up any form of permanent altar in our new home, and there’s really no excuse for my lack of motivation to get such things done. This could go a long way in helping to stop or slow my nightmares, at the very least, and may help me sleep better as well (given that I do some sort of “good sleep” spell when it comes to our bedroom in addition to the clearing and protection).

Goal: Within the next week, do a house-clearing and protection spell and set up an altar.

With my hand healing from the surgery I had to remove a ganglion cyst from my right wrist two weeks ago, it’s been difficult working around the house. I’ve let my exercising routine slip as well. Not to mention I have yet to enroll in a Zumba or Tae Kwon Do class, which I’ve wanted to do for a few months now. My hand is slowly healing, but still difficult to use without pain. I need to let it heal, but I need to rectify my exercising issues, too. I’m feeling the laziness trying to take over, and I cannot let that happen.

Goal: Get back to walking, at least, once a day and running a few times a week until my hand heals. Once my hand is healed, enroll in a class, be it Zumba or TKD (or both!), and keep walking and running!

Unhappy BugClearly there’s no way to force small children to learn to eat well (or at all). Our pediatrician has asked that if Bug continues to refuse “normal” food by the time he’s fourteen months old, we let her know. We may be looking into a special check-up to determine whether he may have some sort of textural issue like a sensory processing disorder, or if he’s just a bit behind. Either way, I can deal with it, but it’s really irritating and disheartening to not know what is going on in the mean time. We have yet to get him on a sippy cup and regular milk instead of formula, which the pediatrician did suggest in the last visit.

Goal: Transition Bug to regular milk and a sippy cup in the next few weeks, and keep trying regular food with him. Make that appointment if he doesn’t show any improvement in the next three weeks.

Monster on a Walk


Monster’s eating problems were non-existent until recently. He ate well. He tried pretty much anything you put in front of him at least once. He enjoyed a lot of “adult” food, and we had no problems with him refusing anything on sight alone. Now, it’s like a light switch has been flipped. He willingly eats only his old constants – bread (or waffles), breaded chicken, hot dogs, bananas, and pasta. I realize that compared to some toddlers with “picky” eating problems, this is great. But for us it’s a big step backwards. If I add peas and carrots, or any vegetable for that matter, to his pasta, he balks – won’t take a single bite. If we give him a variation of a food that he generally would eat (last night we tried risotto – he likes rice, this was just a creamy version of that!), he refuses. Not a bite. We tried only offering him a choice between two of those types of things yesterday – even withholding his milk and water for most of the day – but he just went the whole day without eating instead of giving in and trying it. Back to the norm today. Waffles for breakfast, bread and bananas for lunch, who-knows-what I can come up with that he’ll actually eat for dinner. *sigh*

Goal: I don’t know! Keep trying? Let him eat the things he’ll eat until he gets past this phase and try to ignore it until then? Attempt to force him to eat only the “new” foods by only offering them, and refusing to give him the foods he’ll willingly eat? Has anything worked for anyone reading this? Let me know! I do know one thing: I’ll be asking the pediatrician for her advice when his next appointment rolls around in two months if he doesn’t improve.

So, having written all of that out, I guess I’ve got a few things to do. I’ll keep you posted.

OH! Also – Happy Mardi Gras!!

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  1. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Good luck.
    As long as they are drinking liquids they will eat when they get hungry.
    Pressure doesn’t work as your finding out.
    Be well.

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      Thank you for the well-wishes. They are much appreciated.

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