Getting Things Done (Hooray!) and Developmental Delays (Boo!)

What a week!

Over the last week, we have brightened the gazebo on the deck, built a swing set and set it up in the yard (no small task), and Bug has (finally) had his developmental evaluation done.

LT has been steadily working away at the deck and gazebo until we have it in the right condition to be stained. He took the screening off of the gazebo and meticulously brightened it all the way around the outside as well as inside. It looks great. Now we just need to throw a few coats of the stain/sealant on it and put the screen back up. We’re getting there!

After he got to a good pausing point on the deck, LT began construction of the swing set for the boys. It took a bit longer than originally expected. Some of the pre-drilled-at-the-factory holes needed some adjusting, and we had an almost deal-breaker gaff with a split piece. (We fixed it, but it set us back a few hours). After three days of work, we finally got the thing ready to put together, only to realize that there was quite a bit of digging to do in the back yard to make sure the whole thing was level. LT, as always (oh how I love that man o’ mine!), threw his back into the work and got it done in a couple of hours, with my intermittent help. We now have a great working play set for the boys, and they’re loving it!Monster & Bug SwingYesterday morning, a physical therapist and teacher for a local program to help infants and toddlers with developmental delays visited to evaluate Bug. They took out toys they’d brought along to see how he played with them. They tried to see if if he’d stack blocks – he wouldn’t, if he’d look at himself in the mirror – he didn’t, if he’d respond to spoken questions or commands – he didn’t. They talked to me about his behaviors and his average day.

They wrote it all down on various forms and calculated his approximate developmental age for each different area of growth. His scores were not so great. 

The good news is that he doesn’t seem to have any major issues (like autism, etc. – Hooray!). However, his scores for each different area of development are as follows (keep in mind he is 17 months old): He is at 15 months of age for his gross motor skills, which is okay – no major concerns there, but after that it all goes down-hill. His fine motor and social skills fall to 12 months, his cognition to 10 months, and his language and adaptive skills to 8 months. Ouch. So in all those that fell under the 13 month mark, he qualifies for help from the program.

The ladies gave me some starter suggestions – things like working with him and signing to help with the communication (we had actually begun to try some signing just a week or so ago, so this is good), giving him choices (would you like to wear the red shirt today or the blue shirt?), and narrating his day to him (so he hears the words associated with the actions of his day consistently).

"Not listening!"They were also very reassuring that I needn’t worry about it constantly. (Hahaha!) They made sure to let me know that it’s not a big deal if one day I forget to give him choices, or to try something or other with him. They suggested tackling only one thing at a time, and before I even started that, taking a two day break from any of it – because I just received a whole lot of information, and I should take some time to process.

Needless to say, regardless of their encouragement and positive, helpful suggestions at the end of the meeting, once they left, I really just felt like crying. Information overload. I realize that it’s really not a big deal – we’ll work at it little by little for the next few months and see how he does. We’ll have some help by way of the program, and we’ll get through just fine, I’m sure. It’s just a lot to handle thrown at you at one time, is all.

So there we are. For the next two or so months we’ll be visiting a program nearby to get started, and we’ll have a person coming to the house once a month to see how we’re doing at home. Once the fall comes, we’ll have visits at home twice a month, and probably continue the program nearby. At six months out from here, we’ll have another evaluation to see how we’re doing.

And that’s pretty much as far ahead as we’re looking right now. I’ll let you know how it’s going as we go, I guess. For now, as they told me to do, I’m going to put this aside and try to stop thinking about it for a day or so (and try to keep from reminding myself how short a time six months is, and how far he may or may not get in that time).


At least the hubs and I get date night tonight! I’ll focus on that for now. (Thank goodness for date night!)

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  1. theatrewhisper
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    I’m sure you guys will get him to where he needs to be, don’t fret. He’s an awesome little monster. And have fun on your date night…after all that work on the deck and swing set I’m sure you guys need it badly.

    xoxoxox Sam

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