Easing In

Monster & Bug Explore the LibrarySo, last week was our first week of “school” for the 2015-2016 calendar year.

And I gotta say, we are definitely taking some time easing into things.

We have so much more to do this year in terms of curriculums and subjects that just one week in, I have already had the overwhelming “ohmygodswhathaveIgotteninto” feeling.

So the plan is, one week at a time, we’ll add a new piece of our curriculum in.

The beauty of homeschooling is that we have no one’s schedule but our own to stick to. As long as my children are learning, we’re doing okay. (I do need to keep reminding myself of that.) We don’t have to “clock in” at certain times every day, certain days every week, or certain weeks every month (or even certain months every year)! We make our own schedule.

And we can take it easy and get a routine going with something before we add in more things! Hooray!! (No, I mean for real, this is such a relief!)

In our first week, we took our first ever trip to the library, where the boys each got a new library card, and checked out some books that piqued their interest. We will most likely be making frequent trips to the library for both recreational and school purposes, so I know that they’ll learn to love it there. After that, the boys took the week fairly easy reading, drawing, coloring, doing their daily notebooks (more on these below), and figuring out some of the new things that were in them.

Meanwhile, mom continued working at organizing and getting things ready for the weeks to come!

Here’s a look at what we’re dipping into so far:

Monster & Bug do their Daily NotebooksDaily Learning Notebooks – I found these over at Confessions of a Homeschooler, and I gotta say, we love them. In fact, we started doing them last year. They cover days, weeks, months, time & weather. The boys really love having something to come down and definitively start their day with, and I love that I have a few minutes while they’re working on them independently to get ready for the day’s studies as well!

Reading – We’re using a program called Funnix to cover our reading basics. It’s a (admittedly old-school) computer program that lets me click through as the boys progress in visual and aural learning segments. They sound out letters and words, and help the narrator read a story at the end of every lesson. Outside of this program, the boys love to just pick up whatever books they find interesting in the moment and plow right though them! Since they already do so well with reading, the program is really just a formality to make sure they’re learning all of the rules, but Bug & Monster absolutely treasure doing the program.

Math – I’ve gone rounds and rounds looking for a math program that will fit the bill for us. There are so many options out there, and sometimes it’s really hard to figure out what, exactly, it is you’re looking at. However, I have decided to go with (at least for this year) a combination of Singapore Math as our core curriculum, and Math Mammoth‘s Blue Series as a supplement to that. So far, so good. The boys are understanding concepts pretty easily, and we’re pretty well flying through worksheets. This is early, though, I know – so we’ll see how these curriculums work out for us in the long run.

Outside these three things, the boys do lots of drawing, coloring, and playing – which I think at their age is a definite must!

So that’s pretty much what we’re doing right now! Next week we’ll be adding US History & Geography to the mix, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!


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