Decking, and Cooking, and Curriculum, Oh My!

A Spot to Chill on the DeckGuess what I did today over my afternoon break?

I lounged. I laid out in that beautiful chair with my iPad. With my legs sticking out into the sun, I read a bit, played a bit of Angry Birds, watched the clouds roll by, and yes, I even watched the insides of my eyelids for a little while. It was glorious. I’ll probably pay for it later on (my legs, which haven’t really seen the sun in years, are looking a bit like boiled lobsters now), but oh, how worth it.

For the last two days my husband and my uncle have been out there working hard. They laid all the new deck boards and the railings down. They put down new stairs, and even finished the gate. Last night after the boys went to bed, we sat out there for a while, the three of us, with our respective adult drinks in hand, and chatted. And today, I got to lounge. Amazing.

I daresay I’ve earned the reward of lounging out on that deck while the boys napped today. For the last two days, I was doing my fair share of work in the kitchen. Preparing, cooking, and cleaning up the meals and snacks (often new recipes – all good) that would keep my husband’s and uncle’s strength up while they worked long, hot hours (at the same time keeping my eye on our two little hellions running around the house and trying to get into trouble). I’ve figured out that while I love cooking, my place is definitely not in the kitchen all day.

Prior to doing all that cooking, I spent about the five days trying to put together a tentative curriculum for the boys’ K-12 education. You wouldn’t believe how much you’ve got to slog through to find good information on each subject’s curriculum (if you’re not doing one complete boxed curriculum, which we’re not). It was amazingly difficult in some cases to figure out whether or not a curriculum was secular (even many of the science curriculums were surprisingly religious!), and it’s about impossible to figure out how the boys will jive with the things I’ve picked, anyway.

Along those lines, I’m sure some of you probably think I’m insane for pounding out something so detailed (that it takes five days to put it together) for a tentative schedule of curriculums. But I’m actually very glad to have that much done. I’ve got a little knowledge under my belt now of what I’m looking at in terms of simply laying out a year’s curriculum – how much time we’ll be spending on each different subjects’ lessons, approximately when they’ll be moving from one thing to another, and a good idea of the over all schedule of things.

I also have a good idea of where I’ll need to look for curriculum materials – which is no small task – they’re everywhere, and nowhere is there a comprehensive list. There’s so much information out there and so many different resources to choose from, it’s quite insane. I dedicated almost a whole day to each separate subject (give or take), and felt lucky when I found one that I thought I liked. Hopefully they’ll work for the boys, too.

Clearly I’m not buying anything yet, but I’ll be happy to have a fairly decent reference once I do start buying. The few things that may need to be replaced at that point won’t be too hard (hopefully) to find a replacement for, and the things that don’t will have whatever updates might happen within the next few years. I feel like I’m a little ahead of the game, which is good, considering the gigantic task at hand.

For now, I’m happy to have a deck to lounge and play on (and soon cook on!). And so are the boys.

Bug & Monster Enjoy Playing on the Deck

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