Dance Into Summer

What a week already! I can hardly believe today is Beltane! (Happy Beltane everyone!)

Today I am happy to say I’ll be celebrating this holiday with some hot water! You see, our hot water heater broke on Sunday, flooding our basement and effectively disabling all the beautiful modern technology in the house that uses hot water. (You really get to know how much you depend on these things when you can’t use them anymore!) This morning there is a wonderful gentleman downstairs installing the new hot water heater! Hooray!

In all seriousness, though, today is one of the most magickal days of the year. Beltane is celebrated around the world by dancing about May Poles, building bon fires, and indulging in sexual energies. It is, after all, not just a, but THE fertility holiday. 

I won’t be dancing around a may pole today (but that doesn’t mean I won’t be dancing at all!), I won’t be building a bon fire, but I will be celebrating the fertility of the holiday! 

Just this weekend, our thumbs turned just a slight shade of green. We planted some new pretty plants on our front porch, and we planted our first seeds. Herb seeds! We are finally attempting to grow some of our very own herbs for use in the kitchen. Today is the perfect day to cast, and bless those seeds to grow into prolific, beautiful, and fruitful plants! Herb seeds have been planted!

So, along with the hot shower I’m waiting with great anticipation to have this afternoon, I’m looking forward to a bit of meditation, some casting in honor of the holiday, and probably a little bit of dancing, too! 

I hope our seeds grow well!

What are your plans for Beltane?

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