Creating a Sacred Space

As promised, here is my Yule-tide Craft room transformation post.

Clearing the SpaceThis past Friday was the Winter Solstice. The day of longest dark and shortest light. I told you that I had a room in my home, just off of my bedroom, that was just crying out to be transformed. It’s the perfect setting for a room to do my Craft in. 

As you can see, it started with a pile of stuff that we’d just put in there for the fact that it was a convenient storage space. While some of that stuff was relevant to the Craft, most of it was stuff that needed a new home. 

So first things first, I set to clearing the room of all of it, so I could start fresh. 

Once the room was clear, I did a few circles with a bell to clear any negativity from the stagnant corners of the room. Surprisingly it didn’t take much, even though it has sat, really unused, since we moved in here. I feel that this indicates how good this room really will be for my intended purposes. 

Creating the SpaceNext, I brought in objects I feel surround themselves with magick, pictures that invoke the mystical, and personal symbols representing the Craft in me.

I had a few extra end tables that weren’t in use in our dining room, and a bookshelf made by my grandfather that was also awaiting a purpose. Here is where I placed a representative of my totem animal (the snowy owl), and stored the tools I will need going forward to work my magick.

Setting Up the AltarNext, I brought in my new altar. The table fell into my hands somewhat by chance, when it was traded for another table which I bought from someone in the city. I was always taught that those objects that made their way to you through no forward action of your own are most likely to work the best in the Craft for you. That gives me great confidence in this table as my new altar. 

With a simple ceremony, I cleansed and consecrated the altar for use in magickal workings.

Then I decorated it with various cloths (red is a good color for the Yule season), and set up the altar itself with the appropriate candles and tools. 

Simple as that. 

I am so grateful to have a space like this in our home that I can use for my magick. I know it will work wonders in inspiring me to keep at my Craft going forward. In fact, I have already used it to cast a spell in aid of a friend’s mother just this morning.

In the future I’ll share with you what each of those candles and objects on my altar is for, but for now, I am simply wishing you Happy Holidays. May the your luck grow with the light of the coming days.The Altar

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