An Open Letter from a Pagan

I have many friends and family of varying religious backgrounds, beliefs, and ideals. I tend to get along with them pretty well, regardless of the difference in our beliefs. I’m happy to say that most of the people I associate with are intelligent, open-minded people. A few are not. Let … Read More

Beltane: The Green Man Reigns

We have come upon one of the most recognized holidays of the pagan world. Beltane, celebrated on the eve of May 1st and throughout the day, is a widely recognized fertility holiday.  This time of year heralds the summer, and welcomes the growth of crops and birth of animals that are … Read More

Sorry, I’ll Be Late!

Hi there! I am writing to let you know that I’ll be trying to get my post about Beltane written tomorrow! The boys and I are currently in the Outer Banks, and will be getting home this evening. The weeks leading up to now have been quite hectic, and I … Read More

Ostara: Fertility Abounds

I bet these colored eggs are familiar to you. I’m quite certain that they would be familiar to just about anyone in our western society, if not everyone. For most, these eggs are associated with the Christian holiday of Easter and are thus called “Easter Eggs”. Have you ever wondered … Read More

Defining My Belief: Deity

A good friend of mine recently raised a question to me. She asked what relationship the god and the goddess have with each other: “Are they a mother and son relationship or a husband and wife relationship or both? Or are they the earth and the sun and you use … Read More

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