A Girl In Love with Rain

Crystal pools like mirrors lay upon your smooth silk surface Green and grey and purple swirl while leaf stalks prance and sway Upon the hill raindrops play melodies of star-struck love Leaves from bowing branches fall swept, like my heart, away There is just something about the rain… I have, … Read More

Sea of Twisted Souls

  Ladies and gents, I have been lamenting my absence here, wondering what I was going to write about to get me back to my beautiful website, when my lovely friend asked me if I would participate in her cover reveal. I was privileged to share her very first reveal … Read More

Island of Lost Forevers

Hello friends!! Today I have a special post for you.  I have the privilege of having been fast and best friends with a talented writer for approximately the past sixteen years. I have been watching her write, and reading her works throughout her journey as a writer, and I am excited to … Read More

Meat Loaf

What. An. Amazing. Man. I had a ridiculous experience this weekend. And by that I mean ridiculously good. I met a man that I have loved and admired for the last 21 years of my life. And he was a kind and passionate human being. Just exactly as I knew … Read More

And Life Picks Up the Pace

Where to begin? The last few weeks have proved to be jam-packed with events, and it’s kind of hard to organize into a coherent thought! So, list-form it is! – Connecticut While in Oregon, I found out that we are now slated to move to Connecticut! Due to a job … Read More

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