A Girl In Love with Rain

Crystal pools like mirrors lay upon your smooth silk surface Green and grey and purple swirl while leaf stalks prance and sway Upon the hill raindrops play melodies of star-struck love Leaves from bowing branches fall swept, like my heart, away There is just something about the rain… I have, … Read More

A Struggle We Shouldn’t Ignore

My hiatus from writing is still in effect (know that we have made it safely to our new home, and are still in the process of getting settled). But today I feel the need to write this…   I imagine you heard the collective gasp the world let out last … Read More

What to Write…

So February has proven to be one of those months with much going on, and yet I’ve neglected to write here. Mostly because I find myself wondering what to write about. I feel that my recent formatting has been quite boring; Did this, did that, look a picture, didn’t do … Read More

Mourning the Loss of a Great Teacher

I’m not even sure how to begin writing this post. Yesterday, my dance instructor, a woman I’d been taught by and worked with off and on for almost fifteen years of my life, passed away. That loving, patient, wonderful woman instilled in me a love for dance and movement so … Read More


29. That’s the number of years I’ve been on this earth (outside of my mother’s womb) as of this past Saturday. In the days leading up to this birthday, all I could think was “Wow, 29. That’s a fairly legendary year for women. How do I feel about this?” It … Read More

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