Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, as my absence suggests, I’ve been busy as heck around here. 

I’ve been working on the family tree project (this is a big project, taking up the vast majority of my time these days).

And working on getting Bug to eat something other than bread (so far not very successful). 

I’ve been reading up more on curriculums for the boys’ schooling. 

And subscribing to blogs of other homeschooling mamas with similar ideas about the whole thing as myself. 

I’ve been arguing with my preschooler (mainly in an attempt to get him to listen to me).

And I’ve been arguing with my toddler (who’s taken to falling onto his bed and screaming in the morning, instead of voluntarily letting us get him out of it). 

Please forgive the brevity of this post. There’s more to come later,  but right now this lady has things to get done!

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