A Girl In Love with Rain

Rain Drops

Crystal pools like mirrors lay
upon your smooth silk surface
Green and grey and purple swirl
while leaf stalks prance and sway

Upon the hill raindrops play
melodies of star-struck love
Leaves from bowing branches fall
swept, like my heart, away

There is just something about the rain…

I have, for much of my life, been a girl in love with rain. I love the scent in the air just before it comes, and the cool breeze that often blows with it.

I have been known, on many occasions, to just let all inhibitions fly and dance about like a wild woman, soaking my clothing through, and thoroughly enjoying every second.

I have also shared these moments with very close friends, one of whom wrote a poem about such an occasion we shared when we were in high school, and printed and framed it for each of us when we were bridesmaids at her wedding.

The earth opens up, and soaks it in, creeks and rivers flow faster, and the breeze whispers of a boundless energy, ready to wake at any moment, and bring about mother nature’s wrath, should she require it.

It is the purest form of life-sustaining force, flowing from the skies.

The sound of raindrops can be absolute magick. Whether drumming on a tin roof, or falling through a forest’s canopy, the sound creates a moment of zen for me like no other. When I meditate, I use the sound of rain to bring me to that quiet, reflective place. I have even been known to use the energy I have harnessed from a good rain dance to cast a spell or two.

As I sit and breathe in the fresh air of a rainy day, I reminisce in days past, when I danced in the rain… I think about my closest friends, and I hope that one day my boys will know the joy of dancing, uninhibited, as the water falls down on them, soaking in the energy that comes with it.

I know that not everyone thinks of rain this way, and there are days when even I look out my window and scowl at it. But I hope that, if you’re reading this, you might have the capacity to look out one of these days, and see the beautiful side of it, too. Reach a hand out from under your umbrella as you walk through it, and appreciate the process that brings the earth so much good. Remember that without this gift from the skies, the world around us would be a much different place.

If you were one of the friends I once danced in the rain with, thank you for sharing that with me. I remember, with great affection, every moment.

Let me close with another poem; the one I spoke of above, that my friend wrote for us, a reflection of a lovely rainy day, before we were considered full-fledged adults. A day when we basked in the droplets that fell down on us, and in the love of friendship…

Four tattered Travellers
Of this journey we call life
bonded together by life circumstances
Joined together one spring afternoon
And were known to hear the Rain begin

Hearts jumping in each chest
All leapt to their feet
And followed each the other
Out into the sun
To meet the happy Rain

And upon that little stretch of yard
Each traveller danced and twirled
Hearts overflowing with simple joy
For they had never known such bliss could be found
In only the Essence of Rain

Then the happy Travellers
Into a loving circle joined
Hearts joined
As hands clasped
By love, and joy and Rain

Then no more were they four
But One as they danced again
A pledge of Heart, a pledge of Soul
And Sisters Forever they each proclaimed
Among the falling rain

And oft now, how my heart cries out with joy
to have been one of those happy travellers
My Sisters still are in my heart
And always shall they be
I know for sure each time I feel
The Essence of Rain begin to smile

Poems by Megan Cutler


Sea of Twisted Souls


Ladies and gents, I have been lamenting my absence here, wondering what I was going to write about to get me back to my beautiful website, when my lovely friend asked me if I would participate in her cover reveal.

I was privileged to share her very first reveal when she published the first book in this trilogy two years ago  now, I am happy to be helping her reveal the third, and final, installment of the that magical series. Having read the full series now, I can tell you with certainty, that the trilogy only gets better as it goes on.

At any rate, without further ado, I am pleased to present book three of the Mystical Island trilogy…

It’s been sixteen years since Damian departed the island. Sixteen years since he broke his promise to be there when Morulin needed him. Now an adult, she’s ready to take the reins of rule from her father, but he has chosen to pass his position to her brother instead.

When Damian reappears without warning, Morulin isn’t interested in making amends. She’d rather spend her time with the enigmatic Pilgrim, a dimensional traveler with plenty of stories to tell. That Damian seems to loathe him only makes his company more appealing. But she can’t ignore her stepfather’s strange behavior, especially when someone attempts to assassinate the island’s new heir.

Damian insists the Pilgrim is responsible, but Morulin isn’t convinced. Could he be trying to frame his new rival? Or has something more sinister come to visit their island paradise? If Morulin’s family can’t heal their fractures in time to solve the mystery, they might lose their beloved dimension-hopping home.

Sea of Twisted Souls


You can purchase any of the books from this series from the following places: Amazon,  Smashwords,  Nook,  Kobo, & DriveThru Fiction.

And please feel free to follow the link to Megan’s website on the right side of my site to read more samples of her writing!


Pushing Past Setbacks

There comes a time in every technology user’s life when things just go wrong. Very wrong.

I am ashamed to say that this has happened to me on more than one occasion, with different projects and programs. With every occasion, I get a little more psycho about back-ups and storage, but somehow something eventually manages to slip through.

At the end of the week before this past, it was my homeschool records.

For the last month, I had been adding my curriculum choices and lesson plans into a program that helps organize such things, as well as allows you to keep track of attendance and grading. It took me three weeks to set in all of the information I had, working for a few hours at a time on most weekdays. I backed up the program every time I closed it.

After our first science lesson, I came to my computer to enter in our lesson completion, and do a back up. But instead of hitting “upload” I accidentally hit “download”. Which, I thought, wasn’t really that big of a deal since I’d just backed it up a few hours earlier…

Or… so I thought.

When it loaded the information it had, I was horrified to find that none of the information I’d implemented in the last three weeks was there. None. I just about cried.

I looked at the backup location, only to find that the document hadn’t actually been updated since the beginning of the month.

A sound escaped my mind like that of an anguished cat caught in a turbine.

I frantically messaged the creator of the program I was using, but since it was Friday, I did not receive a response until the following Monday. Far too late to save anything that might have been savable.

My information is gone. Poof. Like I never even thought about putting it in there.

Except that I did. I did.

And we took the next week off of school, because every time I looked at one of their lessons I wanted to get sick.


This week I am working on getting us back into the saddle. Little by little. Daily notebooks today, reading and math tomorrow, science the next day… We’ll get there.

In between, I’m plugging all of that information back in. And backing it up – to TWO different locations. And turning on my time machine (for goodness sake, WHY didn’t I have my time machine going?!).

Yes, I’m going back to the same program. Because it’s the only program I’ve found out there that allows me to store and keep track of things electronically, and with a click print the reports those nosy people from the school district will eventually want.

But I’m going super psycho about not loosing my information again.


Set-backs happen. I’m not going to agonize about losing my information any longer, and I’m going to stop feeling guilty that we’ve not “done school” for the last week (trust me, the guilt has been riding high).

I took my time to recover. Now it’s time to keep right on plowing through.


And you know what? Not all is bad… The boys had some lovely fall homeschool photos taken last week. And my youngest has learned the plastered-on smile look. Aren’t they beautiful?

(Photographed by the lovely Jessica Boyd!)
(Photographed by the lovely Jessica Boyd!)



Have you had any similar experiences with setbacks like this? Let me hear ’em!


A True Friend’s Kindness

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Picture an elementary school playground. Kids running, swinging, bouncing balls, climbing.

There is a group of kids that always seems to be doing the more exciting and daring things. Climbing higher on the play sets than the others, jumping off of their swings, hanging by their feet.

One eight-year-old girl decides she’d like to join them in their dares. Usually she plays on her own, feeling unwelcome in most of the groups at recess. But she’s sure she has what it takes to prove that she can climb just as high, or jump as far as the others, and thinks that if she can prove herself, they will welcome her.

When she approaches the daring group, it turns out they have a “club”, and since she’s not a member, she can’t play with them. She asks how she can become a member. All but one of them turn away. He offers her information of a test she must pass. Run from here to there and back in a certain amount of time or less, and she can be in the club.

So she runs. And she makes the time, and he welcomes her to the club.

And then everyone else quits. The fact of the matter, apparently, is that girls are not allowed.

So there’s no more club. The rest of them move on to find something else to do, avoiding her. The boy that tried to help her looks a little sad, and apologizes for them.

The girl continues to play mostly on her own after that. The boys that turned her away tease her. All the way through elementary school. Even into middle and high school.

But that one boy, he is always kind to her. He talks to her, and listens to her. He makes her feel human every time they interact. For most of her remaining school career, she feels that she is quite unaccepted, and has been labeled an outsider by the general population. But all the way through, there is never a moment when he turns away from her, or makes her feel different or unacceptable.


Last night I received news that my friend has passed away. This is one of my most fond memories of him. When the catty cliques of school held sway over our lives, he never paid them any attention – and he always made me feel welcome.

His decency survived through his adult life. He was an amazingly kind man. His passing is more than a shock to all of those that knew him. It has been unbearably hard to process. His absence will be felt by many.

It is with a heavy heart that I wish him a safe and peaceful passing into whatever lies beyond. He will forever be missed.

Keeping an Active Spirituality

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Today I’m going to start what I’ll call “Witchy Wednesday” – marking a day (maybe not every week) where I can explore what’s going on in my spiritual life, and maybe even share things that I find from other places that might inspire me into some action or reflection. I’d like to start today, with my most recent thoughts on the process of revitalizing my spirituality:

Keeping my spirituality active in these hectic days has proven to be quite a challenge. I have started and stopped different projects, never fully finishing them. I have begun a daily recitation, and always seem to manage to lose track of it. I’ve planned on doing ritual for the sabbats as they come around, but rarely ever get to them.

A wealth of excuses bubble to the top each time something falters. I feel I am not alone in this. Many around me these days don’t seem to have an active roll going in their belief, if they claim one (no matter which belief system it may be). I believe it’s a sign of the times. These things get pushed to the back burner, and we are reminded at certain moments, but ultimately they just take a back seat to the rest of life happening around us. We certainly still believe, and hold on to that faith somewhere deep inside. We just don’t have time to pause and reflect upon or observe the basis of that belief in our lives.

Recently, though, I have more and more frequently had it rise to the top of my mind. Time to get more active. Time to put my foot down and answer that call.

I have been working pretty hard at waking up at a decent hour to get my day started. The boys are always up before me (hopefully that will change as they grow), and LT goes to work early. I am almost always the last one out of bed. Don’t judge. I’ve never claimed to be a morning person, nor have I ever really desired to be one. Some people’s rhythms just don’t match the so-called “norm”. And the boys are fine – they can chill and watch cartoons for a bit until I get around.

So I’ve begun a process with which I will hopefully get into the habit of waking and rising earlier. I set an alarm that will ease into my conscious with light music that gradually grows in volume and pace. So far it’s been working fairly well. I give myself a song or two to laze in bed to, and when a certain song begins, it’s time to roll out. I get up, get dressed, and head out to face the day (starting with coffee whenever possible).

Now I think it’s time to add the next step. A morning ritual of sorts. A short meditation perhaps. Maybe combined with some light yoga poses (I’m not really all that into yoga – when I did do it, I wasn’t thrilled) or stretches. Just enough to get some blood moving through my veins. Add an invocation recognizing the earth in all of her splendor as she changes from day to day and season to season, and I think I might have something.

At least it’s something that looks to me like a pretty good start to re-awakening my spiritual side.

Any ideas to add? How do you keep your faith alive in this busy life?Pagan Coffee

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