Bliss Comes When the Family is Whole

Monster and the Yule Tree‘Tis the season. 

We have decorated for Yule. Instead of going to cut our own tree this year, my husband went to pick up a pre-cut tree at a nursery not far from our home. We decided we wanted a different kind of tree this year that doesn’t grow around here, so that was our option. It’s a beautiful and healthy tree, and it smells great. One thing I love about this season. (It looks like we’re probably not going to see snow this year – it’s sixty-five degrees out there today, but I’ll still keep my fingers crossed). 

Bug and the Yule TreeThere’s not a whole lot going on around here lately, just the usual daily grind.

I’ve been doing more curriculum research and trying to observe my witchy happenings with more dedication. 

We finally folded up and put away the family tree until next August, when I’ll get it out to update it for the next reunion in September. 

My friend posted a great blog entry today about our experience on our Disney vacation. She wrote beautifully, and as I’ve yet to have written more than a sentence or two about the vacation (and at this point, I tend to think it’s probably not going to get the whole post it deserves), I encourage you to check out her post if you’re interested.

My husband has (thankfully) been home since just before Thanksgiving, and (Spirit willing) he’ll be home pretty solidly until sometime in January at least. I’m thoroughly enjoying his being home with us. It’s just… so much more complete, so much easier, less stressful. We are all a bit more calm and a little less tightly-wound when he is home.

Last week, when we were visiting with my aunt and uncle for the holiday, my husband and uncle took the boys to a children’s museum, where they reported having lots of fun. I love that the boys could spend time together, and that the little’uns got some time with their dad since he’s been gone so much. 

Today when he gets home from work, we’ll be beginning a workout called “Insanity”. The plan is to work out together every day in order to get into a routine with the workout, to keep us both motivated to do it even when one of us is away. This workout is known for being, well, insane, so we anticipate being fairly sore over the next week. My goal is to get my pre-baby-having abs back. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

After “Insanity” today is the boys’ gym class. I am happy to say that Monster had a really good class last week (except the part where he was licking his hand and wiping it on the mat with two other kids, and needing to wash/sanitize himself multiple times). Bug missed last week’s class because he had a bit of a, well, bug. I’m excited for today’s class because daddy will be with us, so I won’t have to divide my time between class with the little one while monitoring the big one, and entertaining the little one while making sure the big one listens to his teacher. Yay!

So, in short, I’m glad to have my husband home. The holidays are here, and we are blissfully together. Monster & Bug

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  1. Teaching Stars
    | Reply

    So glad you could all spend this time together!

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      Thank you. It is nice to finally be a “whole” sometimes. It’s been a long autumn, and it’s nice to just “gel” for a while. 🙂

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