Hi! My name is Rowena, and I am the author here at Seasons of the World Tree. Welcome to my little patch of this web we call the internet! Let me tell you a little more about me:

  • I am very much an independent person: I grew up being shuffled between family members throughout much of my younger life. I learned early that if I were to have any sort of direction and happiness, I would need to figure it out for myself. I lived in trailers with no running water, facing adversity and hardship at seemingly every turn, and I lived in nice houses with all the “standard” amenities anyone could ask for, and more. My experiences throughout my childhood and teenage years have had a very large impact on who I’ve become today.
  • I am a witch: I was raised in a Christian household – I went to Sunday School and church, and even started my education in a Christian private school. I learned all the bible verses, and attended vacation bible school. But I knew at a young age that, for me, there was a major disconnect. I didn’t feel anything when I said these words, I didn’t see the things I learned about in action in my life. As I grew older, church became an apathetic thing, I went when I was told. I grew bored there, and it became even more distant for me. I found the pagan path half way through middle school, and realized that much of what I found aligned itself perfectly to what I already believed. I began studying, and have never stopped since. What and how I believe has shifted and evolved as I moved into adulthood and studied religions through college, and I have begun to identify myself as a non-pagan pagan, but manipulating and focusing energy has always been at the core of my spirituality, and so I most definitely identify as a witch.
  • I am a military wife and mom: It was in my wedding vows – I never thought I’d marry into the military. But here I am. We met and were married in a mere eight-month’s time, and nine months after that we had our first child. It wasn’t long until baby number two joined us, and soon after, we had our first change of station as a whole family! That period of time in my life was undeniably one of those “What the ever-loving crap is happening to my life?” moments, but I have learned that despite the hardships that may be faced in periods like that, those are often the best moments, too.
  • I am a homeschooling parent: Through our journey, attempting to raise these little humans to be good, honest, respectable people, we have decided that the avenue we want to take for their education will be at home. We have chosen a secular path, and plan to utilize all the resources we can find to teach them about the world we live in, and let them explore the many directions they may choose to take in life. The world is their school, and we are certain that they will thrive in it.
  • I am an artist: I have loved the arts as long as I can remember. I began with music and dance as a small child, learning to play instruments, and being snuck to my dance classes for a time. I kept those things close as I grew, participating in everything involving music and dance in school, and loving every minute. In elementary school, I’m sure it came as no surprise to those around me that I also loved theatre. Being on the stage made me come alive, and I learned that a person can create a stage wherever they go. I went on to study theatre in college, and earned my bachelor’s degree. But while being on stage unequivocally sets my soul on fire, I have found much joy in visual arts as well. I sketched and drew my way through my teenage years, and took classes in college for scenic design and paint. And while I am far from a professional, I do enjoy taking some artistic photographs every now and then, as well. To this day, it gives me a good measure of satisfaction when I am able to focus on these types of creative outlets. Here on this website, you’ll find that the vast majority of the art has been created by yours truly, unless otherwise noted.
  • But what’s with the tree?: I’m so glad you asked. I have a great fondness for trees, and have found myself in and around them from early childhood. There is so much wisdom and vitality in trees. The World Tree is an ancient symbol of the Earth, and how everything in it is connected in some way. We all come from this beautiful planet – human and animal alike, we all have so much in common, but at the same time we live in so many different ways. We find our paths on so many diverse branches, and each of those stems from a different tendril of root. The World Tree is a living, and ever-changing being, and I have been, and will continue to love exploring it, leaf by dynamic leaf, for as long as I continue to draw breath.

These are just a few of the things you might find around this website about me. I write honestly, and from the heart, and if you’re interested, I invite you to read and explore to your heart’s content. Feel free to use the links below to subscribe or follow me for updates, and always, ALWAYS remember that I love feedback, so please don’t be shy! Let me know how you feel by sending me a message, or commenting on my blog posts!

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