A Story About a Mom

Toddler & Preschooler have gym classes back to back.

Preschooler does a fairly good job coloring and waiting patiently while Toddler has his class. However, when it’s Preschooler’s turn, he refuses to listen to the Teacher or his Mom. So, the rule is, if he doesn’t listen, we leave. (He desperately needs to learn to listen).

Preschooler flails and screams getting shoes on in front of all the other parents whose kids can handle listening during class.

Then, crossing to the parking lot, Preschooler drops to the ground.

Mom has Toddler and bucket of coloring markers in her other hand – markers go everywhere on the street between the gym class and parking lot.

Mom tries to put Preschooler and Toddler back on the sidewalk so she can clean up marker mess, both decide to hop down to the street because one can’t listen and the other just doesn’t get it yet.

Preschooler is still screaming bloody murder.

Wonderful-Beautiful-Helpful-Other Mom from inside sees commotion and comes out to help.

Other Mom grabs the Toddler for Mom and walks all the way to the van with Mom & Screaming Preschooler while carrying Toddler.

Other Mom encourages Mom that she’s doing the right thing by following through.

Thank you, Wonderful-Beautiful-Helpful-Other Mom for understanding. I wish I knew your name.

Mom drives like a zombie back home with screaming Preschooler and quiet Toddler.

She goes on auto-pilot to feed them both their dinners and put them in bed.

Mom wants to scream, too. Instead she just cries.

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  1. MerryCID
    | Reply

    aaahhhh, Sweet…I know you don’t want to hear it but ‘this too shall pass’, and after it’s passed you’ll laugh about it, perhaps a bit bitter-sweetly. Alex did that in the mall, with Chelsea there in the stroller. I finally got them both out to the car carrying Alex ‘bag o’ potatoes’ style, still kicking and screaming (literally), wrestled them into the car, put them in carseats. All the while Alex was screaming at the top of his lungs. I finally got about 1/2 inch from his face and screamed back. His eyes got really big and he shut up. HAHAHA! What was a horrible, traumatic 1/2 hour is now an amusing anecdote. And it only took 7 or 8 years to turn into it. 😛

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      Thanks Merry. I just get so tightly wound these days. Particularly when LT’s not home. Monster’s just at *that* age, and we are not enjoying it. It helps to know that I’m not alone, though. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    You most definitely did the right thing. Takes determination to be a good parent, and consistency is the hardest thing sometimes. Lucinda

  3. Betsy
    | Reply

    Been there, oh yes. Been there. Crying, followed by sleep, is the only remedy.

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      Yes, I feel a bit better today. I appreciate knowing I’m not alone, too. Thanks.

      And thanks for reading. I enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate your insight. 🙂

  4. Unknown
    | Reply

    Stay strong, Mom. Think of this as an investment in your future sanity. Follow-thru now means smoother sailing down the road. Have a good cry. We understand.

  5. Teaching Stars
    | Reply

    I so feel you on this on. My two year old has been a royal terror lately. So many times I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I try to remember at times like this that it’s important to lean on my friends and family. Mama needs a break every once in awhile. For everyone’s sake! A short time alone can really boost your patience and defenses!

    • Rowena
      | Reply

      Ahh, therein lies the rub. As a military family, our friends and family are pretty few and far between. Even here, where we are closer to my family than we were our previous tour, we’re still three-and-a-half hours from them. If you read my last post, you’ll see that I’ve had some difficulty finding and making friends since we got here, too. So while the hubs is gone, it’s just up to me, and that’s stressful, as you say.

      Luckily the boys go to bed fairly early, and still go down for naps during the days, so I get some breaks to recharge myself. Thank goddess for that, or I’d have probably gone over the edge already!

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