A Quiet Ostara

The equinox is upon us.

It’s no surprise I love this holiday (because lets face it, growing up dyeing and finding Easter eggs and eating loads of bunny-shaped chocolate kind of engrains it into your brain as an awesome holiday – even if it was somehow celebrated that way for all the wrong reasons).

But this year, it’ll be a low-key day. The hubs isn’t home, and I’m not really in the mood for all the frivolity. And the boys aren’t old enough to miss it yet.

So, today’s post will be very short.

Ostara for me this year will be about the magick. I’ll read and remember the Ostara mythologies. I’ll do some meditation and a small, simple ritual to celebrate the changing of the seasons (even if there’s snow coming, these last few days have felt a whole lot like spring around here!).

That’s all.

No egg dyeing, no candies. No baskets or bunnies for us this year.

Just a quiet “just for me” ritual. 

Happy Ostara, friends. Try to feel the magick of spring despite the snow I know many of you are in. 

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