A Faerie-Filled Lughnasadh

Faeries and friends. That is how I celebrated my Lughnasadh this year.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have the chance to see some friends I’d said “goodbye” to when we left California, whilst we pranced and danced among other faerie kind.

I flew to Oregon for the Faerieworlds Festival in Eugene, staying with some lovely ladies I am lucky to call my very good friends.

We danced and we sang, we chatted and we laughed. We had such a wonderful weekend, and yet I’m finding it hard to put into words!!

It was so nice to be able to shed the “mom cloak” for a few days, and to instead don clothing that I can only wear on these occasions (at least, without having someone look at me rather crookedly!). To put on my wings and really just let loose.

My thoughts are for some reason incredibly fragmented (what is going on, brain?!), so perhaps some pictures will help me out:

Faerie friends!
Meet Bupplerum von Windspider, Fruitpip Moonwand,
Thistlebloom Gigglegarden, and Hemlock Quillwitch.


Being told you’re beautiful by a complete stranger is always a boost!


Faeries love good food!
Good food is a necessary part of getting together with good friends!


Faerie Vogue, Part I
Ooo! You’ve got to just…


Faerie Vogue, Part II
Vogue! (Vogue, vogue, vogue!)


Good music makes for much dancing!


Faerie vs. Giant
Hemlock Quillwitch vs. the Hammer Man – who wins?


Phenomenal faeries!
Four awesome ladies = four fantastic faeries!!

Most of these photos were taken by my very good friend, and extremely talented artist, Deven Rue! Check out some of her beautiful artwork over at DevenRue.com!

P.S. Today is also my Fifth Wedding Anniversary! (I love you, sweetie!) So Lughnasadh will always hold an extra special spot on my Wheel of the Year!! 

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