2013: Our Year In Review

What a crazy year it’s been! I can hardly believe all the things we’ve managed to pack into this year! It’s been so hectic that I’ve only been writing this blog once a month. I do apologize for that, and hope that the next year won’t be so rough on the writing!

Let’s take a look back at all the things we’ve experienced this year:

Bug's 2nd Birthday!Bug turned 2 years old in January! He wouldn’t eat his cake, and among other things we noticed that he was a bit delayed. We started a grueling process of seeing pediatric specialists and therapists to try to help him out. Despite the first half of the year being rather stressful and unhelpful, Bug is now doing incredibly well, and we’re not worried at all!

Row & LT at the Commander-In-Chief Inaugural BallLT and I attended the Commander-In-Chief Inaugural Ball, and it was an experience we won’t forget!

Brothers in the snow.The boys got to experience playing in the snow for the very first time in their lives! They loved it, but alas, it did not last long.

I visited my old university in PA to see a professor of mine interview Stephen Sondheim! I won’t soon forget the night I was in the same room with one of theatre’s greatest people!

Monster successfully learned to use the potty, and has navigated the months since with few accidents, even successfully sleeping over night without them!

Row's 29th BirthdayI turned 29, and decided that growing old is not something I’m afraid of.

Visiting Mt. VernonWe visited Mt. Vernon, the historic home of George Washington, with my grandmother!

LT's 34th Birthday!We spent LT’s 34th birthday in New York City, seeing friends, an almost-one-man-show of Macbeth with Alan Cumming, and eating at our favorite top-notch restaurant, The Modern!

Seasons of the World Tree - 12-30-2013 07 Monster's 4th BirthdayMonster turned 4 years old, and we celebrated with a fun trip to the Baltimore children’s museum!

We’ve had quite a few large household items fail and break on us this year, resulting in carpets and units replaced, and a few late nights. Everything seems to be running smoothly for us once again, though! (*knock on wood*)

We planted a few herbs in hopes of growing them and using them in our food. But our lack of knowledge of the growing and pruning of herbs made that project a big ol’ fail. Now we’re trying something new! (More on that later!)

Monster's new beltMonster began taking Tae Kwon Do classes, and he’s done extremely well, earning two new belts already!

We finally stained the deck!

I started sewing a new dress for my witchy rituals. I have not yet finished it, but I promise, it’s coming soon! (More on that later, too!)

I had an allergy test done, revealing that I am indeed allergic to gold (along with a few other things…)

The world lost a woman who was wonderful dancer, and amazing teacher.

Faerie Friends!I flew across the US to spend time with some very good friends at a Faerie Festival in Oregon! Good times were had, and faerie wings worn by all!

Row & LT's 5th AnniversaryLT and I celebrated our 5thWedding anniversary!

Through a lovely friend’s beautiful artistry, inspiration for a name for our homeschool struck like lightning!!

FelixOur family lost a beloved pet. All of our memories of him will always make us smile, and many make us laugh, too.

I decorated a besom and took part in a friend’s wedding, having them jump the broomstick!

Date night at the National MallLT and I finally walked the National Mall together for the first time (despite my many trips into the city with family and friends)! It was also my first time there at night, making it a great date-night memory.

Meeting Meat Loaf!!I met my absolute favorite rock star. For. Real.

Big Boy Beds!Monster and Bug have graduated to their big-boy beds, and have learned to share a bedroom!

Spider Masks!I made my first home-made Halloween costumes for the boys!

Family at DisneyWe took our annual trip to Disney World with my Aunt & Uncle this year, making the trip that much more memorable and fun!

Monster's Dentist SuccessMonster screamed through (and had to be held down for) his first dentist appointment this year, and had only minor tears (while also sitting in the chair on his own) for the second!

Yule celebrationsWe have had a wonderful Yuletide season, trying new things for holiday traditions, and I kicked it off with a personal transformation by getting my hair cut!

Row's transformation!Through the year we have experienced many events, large and small. We’ve seen the President, we’ve watched the boys grow in leaps and bounds, we’ve visited with friends and family, we’ve seen shows and movies, we’ve made lots of delicious food at home, and eaten at some delicious places! I’ve had a dream come true in meeting my favorite rock star, I’ve written lots of letters with friends, and we had our first official homeschool curriculum delivery!!

I’m admittedly a little floored looking back at all of the things that have happened this year. Who knew this would be my life? I certainly didn’t. What a great one it’s turning out to be.

Here’s looking forward to the next year – bringing with it more birthdays and anniversaries, a change in our home location, and the “official” start of homeschooling (and those are only the things I know for sure will happen)!!

Happy New Year, friends!!

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